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Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday Madness Meme

The Hodgepodge Meme
1. You are at a party in a very bad mood. There is an obnoxious guest with a camera snapping pictures of everyone in sight. Do you allow the photographs or ask them to stop?

A. Everyone has a camera these days on their phone. If the guest is "in your face about it," I might ask him or her to stop, but honestly in today's world, it is a given that someone is taking pictures at any event. Actually, if I were in a bad mood I wouldn't even be at the party, or I would leave.

2. Wedding, Cufflinks, Black And White, Bow Tie, Tuxedo You are on your way to a formal affair and running late. You are the guest speaker at this event and everyone is waiting for you. A police officer pulls you over for speeding. Do you make up a wild excuse or truthfully tell him where you are going and try to talk your way out of the citation? Tell us your tall tale!

A. I would tell the truth and accept whatever decision the police officer made. I might even cry a little while I was explaining the situation because I'd already be stressed. But if I was speeding, I was speeding.

3. When you drive down memory lane for the last two years of your life and look in the rear-view mirror, do you see a happy journey or a bumpy ride?

A. I see the Dismal Swamp.

4. Who makes you laugh when no one else can?

A. My husband or a few of my friends. Also, incredibly, asking Alexa to fart makes me laugh even if I feel like I will never laugh again. Why do farts make people laugh?

5. What are your superpowers?

A. Well, I know that Alexa can fart. But my real superpower is being able to get to the end of a problem without going through all the steps. From A to Z, as it were, regardless of situation. This was a problem in Algebra, especially when my teacher insisted on seeing each step, because just "knowing" the answer was XYZ was not good enough. This has been a helpful superpower at times, especially in meetings when I could see where the outcome would be. I have also learned that, like Cassandra in mythology, no one listens when you know the answer. Even when I can see it plainly. It's like the time my car broke down on the interstate. I walked to the nearest phone (which happened to be at a truck weigh station) and called my husband. I told him the alternator was bad. What does he do? He brings a battery. So three days later the car dies on the interstate again (because that is all the charge the battery would hold). This time he brings an alternator. I can see as soon as he takes it out of the box that is the wrong alternator. What does he do? He tries to put the alternator on. I have learned to just stand there and let people figure out what I have already figured out a long time ago, because they don't listen when you tell them otherwise. It is a curse, really. I mean, I knew four years ago how 2020 was going to be (except for the pandemic, I didn't predict that), but what was the point in telling anyone? Nobody listens.

6. What is the last thing you memorized?

A. A passcode.

7. Tell us something you once took that you wish you could give back?

A. I don't know of anything I have taken that I've wanted or needed to give back, since I don't steal. I may have taken up someone's time and they grew bored and I didn't know it, and I'd like to give them their time back if that was the case, but that is not possible.

8. The iPhone just gave birth to the next generation of phones. What would you name them?  The i_____?

A. The iWorld.

9.  How much mystery should be in a relationship? Is it a good thing or not?

A. Each relationship is different. Some people like mystery, some people don't. As for whether or not it is a good thing, it depends on the mystery. Keeping a surprise party secret is one thing, keeping an adulterous affair secret is something else entirely.

10. What is your weekend blogging routine?

A. I do Saturday 9 on Fridays, I do Sunday Stealing on Saturday (usually). On Sunday night I generally don't have time to do anything for Monday, although I will write up something if it comes to me.
Monday Madness Meme is a new meme. Join in if you like. You can link up here.

Friday, August 14, 2020

August Happiness Challenge Day 14

Looking around this morning for something that's made me happy. I'll go with what I hope was a decent recording of a guitar instrumental that I will post next Tuesday if it really came out okay.

Also, the above makes me happy. After 37 years, my husband is finally reading. Old people covered in blankies reading books. What more does one need?

Each day in August you are to post about something that makes *you* happy. Pretty simple. And, it doesn't even have to be every day if you don't want it to be. It's a great way to remind ourselves that there are positive things going on in our lives, our communities, and the world.

Hosted (?) by The Gal Herself 

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Forty Questions

I stole this from my brother's Facebook page.

1. Do you put ketchup on a hot dog? My hot dogs are adorned with ketchup and relish. That's it.

2. Choice of soda? I haven't had a soda in well over a year, but I like a good A&W Root Beer when I do partake.

3. Do you own a gun? Yes. I know how to use it, too.

4. Can you swim? I can swim but I haven't in a very long time.

5. Hot dogs or burgers? Hot Dogs.

6. Favorite type of food? Chocolate, which is why I'm overweight and have banned chocolate from my diet.

7. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes. I have seen them in different places, including an old house in West Virginia where a great-aunt and uncle lived, the courthouse in Craig County, and in a field outside of Fincastle.

8. What do you drink in the morning? Water and a cup of decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea.

9. Can you do 100 push-ups? Probably in a 100 days.

10. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall? I like Autumn and Spring the best.

11. Your favorite hobby? Reading, writing, and playing music.

12. Tattoos? No tattoos, but I have a lot of scars.

13. Do you wear glasses? Yes.

14. Do you have a phobia? I am not fond of snakes. I also don't like elevators.

15. Do you have a nickname? Yes, but I do not use it. Some family members still use it but I do not, and I delete references to it on Facebook when I catch them.
16. Three favorite adult drinks? I don't drink "adult" drinks. I drink only water, tea, and occasionally cranberry juice.

17. Biggest downfall? Procrastination.

18. Rain or Snow? Snow if it is the kind that looks nice for a couple of hours and then vanishes. Otherwise, rain, preferably in the form of a good thunderstorm.

19. Can you change a tire? I can.

20. Favorite flower? Iris. It was my mother's favorite, too.

21. Can you drive a stick? It has been a long time, but I might remember.

22. Ever gone skydiving? No, and have no plans to do so.

23. Kids? I like them. They are good with ketchup, like hot dogs. (I lean left and folks on the right think we eat kids, so there you go. It's a joke and sarcasm, for those who can't tell the difference.)

24. Favorite color? Blue.
26. Can you whistle? Yes. I can do the Macarena, too.

27. Where were you born? In a hospital early in the morning.
28. Siblings? I have a wonderful brother. Wouldn't trade him for anything. 

29. Surgeries? Multiple.

30. Shower or bath? Shower.

31. Last song you heard? Hallelujah, sung by K. D. Lang

32. Broken bones? Right wrist, left ankle.

33. How many TVs are in your house? Two, not counting the P.C.

34. Worst pain? Worst physical pain was abdominal surgery. Worst mental pain will go unmentioned.

35. Do you like to sing? I do. I don't sing as well as I used too, and my asthma has me taking breaths at inappropriate places sometimes, but I still sing.

36. Are your parents still alive? My father is still alive. My mother died in 2000.

37. Do you like camping? No.

38. What do you enjoy binge watching on Netflix? I don't have Netflix.

39. Pumpkin or pecan pie? Pecan pie.

40. Someone who will play along? This question isn't really applicable since it is on my blog, but if someone else wants to steal it, be my guest.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

The May Song Quiz

Joining up with Kwizgiver for the last of the song list.

A song that:

  • makes me think about life would be American Pie, by Don McLean.
  • has many meanings to me would be Nowhere to Go, by Melissa Etheridge.
  • has a person's name in the title would be Aubrey, by Bread.
  • moves me forward would be Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield.
  • I think everybody should listen to is Where Have All the Flowers Gone, by Peter, Paul, and Mary.
  • is by a band I wish was still together is Money for Nothing, by Dire Straits
  • I like by an artist no longer living is We've Only Just Begun, by the Carpenters.
  • makes me want to fall in love is Killing Me Softly With His Song, by Roberta Flack
  • breaks my heart is Seasons in the Sun, by Terry Jacks.
  • is by an artist whose voice I love is I Will Always Love You, by Whitney Houston.
  • I remember from my childhood is Coat of Many Colors, by Dolly Parton.
  • reminds me of myself is All By Myself, by Eric Carmen.
  • I love to sing loudly is Band on the Run, by Paul McCartney & Wings.

Friday, May 08, 2020

Song Quiz #2

Obviously, I am incapable of answering a single question every day, but I think it's ok to bunch them up.

A good song to drive to is Radar Love, by Golden Earring. Listen to that beat, man. How could anyone listen to this song when they're behind the wheel and not move around in the seat?

A song about drugs and alcohol would be White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane. One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small. And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all. Classic, simply classic. How could that be anything but a drug song?

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you, don't do anything at all

Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall
And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're going to fall
Tell 'em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call

And call Alice, when she was just small
When the men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom, and your mind is moving low

Go ask Alice, I think she'll know
When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead
And the white knight is talking backwards
And the red queen's off with her head
Remember what the dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head

Link up with Kwizgiver and her May music meme.

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Song Quiz

I meant to link up with Kwizgiver and her May music meme, but I am late. Here it is May 6 and I haven't done the first one.

So I shall do 6 in a row here and try to catch up.

A song I like with a color in it is Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond. Actually, one of my AOL user names comes from this song.

A song I like with a number in the title is 99 Red Balloons by Nena. It's an anti-war song. Did you know that? It's about a bunch of balloons that go up and set off an alert. A pilot goes to check it out and shoots at them. The neighboring nations go berserk and "the war machine springs to life." All over 99 red balloons. It's a great allegory for the folly of war.

A song that reminds me of summertime is Black Velvet, by Alannah Myles. "Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell . . . Momma's dancin' with baby on her shoulder, the sun is sittin' like molasses in the sky." Those are great lyrics.

A song that reminds me of someone I'd rather forget is Live and Let Die, which was originally by Paul McCartney, I think. This version is by Guns & Roses.

A song that needs to be played loud is I Can't Get No Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. The older I get, the less the words seem to apply to life, but the beat and music is as classic rock and roll as you can get. I mean, I can name that song in the first two notes.

A song that makes me want to dance is Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees. Yes, I am a disco nerd. I can't even sit still in my chair when I hear that song.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Birthday Doings

The question is: what did I do on my most recent birthday?

And the answer is: nothing much. My friends took me to lunch, one at a time. That makes the birthday last the entire month, more or less. I always enjoy time with the people I care about.

I have a birthday coming up in June, if anyone wants to make it memorable. Ha.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 29 done!

Saturday, April 28, 2018


One of the words I tend to use too much is "interesting."

That describes pretty much everything. It describes something you're telling me that I think is interesting or intriguing. It also is what I say when I think someone is telling me something that reveals stupidity. It is my non-committal response to anything I don't particularly want to give an opinion on.

Of course, if you want me to be less serious, there is my general response to potatoes.

"'Taters? What's 'taters, precious? Eh? What's 'taters?"

"You know, po-ta-toes. Boil 'em smash 'em stick 'em in a stew."

Those are lines only Lord of the Rings fans will get.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 28 done! (The prompt was: Word or phrase you use constantly.)

Friday, April 27, 2018

These Clothes I Wear

Today is a sick day, and I have on sweats and a T-shirt.

No makeup, either.

This isn't much different from how I dress anyway when I am home, except I usually put on makeup. I didn't see the point of it this morning since I have a blinkin' beak (i.e., a very red nose) from all the sinus drainage. Plus my eyes are watery and weak. No amount of makeup is going to help that.

When I go outside of the house, I wear nice clothes - almost always pants - and a nice shirt of some kind. My problem is shoes; aside from my tennis shoes, I have no other pair that my custom orthotics fit in. This makes it rather hard to dress up, but sometimes I make do with black sneakers.

I have never been much into fashion. I consider this a personal failing, but at my age, I'm too old to care anymore.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 27 done! (The prompt was: What you wore today.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Weird Me

Four weird traits you have . . .

1. I like to be alone.

2. I have trouble recognizing people I'm supposed to know.

3. I almost always have to return home after I've made it down the driveway to ensure that I've unplugged the curling iron.

4. I see faces in things like curtains, linoleum, etc.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 25 done!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

My Morning Routine

I fall out of bed and I stumble to the kitchen

(not really, I get up and go to the bathroom, take a pill for my cramped stomach muscles, then put a heating pad on my belly for 20 minutes)

Pour myself a cup of ambition

(I only drink tea, so I start the tea kettle and take the rest of my medication)

Yawn and stretch and try to come to life.

(I go into my "office" and turn on the computer and read the news.)

I jump into the shower and the blood starts pumping.

(I do love a hot shower.)

Out on the street the traffic is jumping.

(Every now and then I hear a turkey gobble or a cow moo.)

For folks like me on the job, from 9 to 5.

(I just work at home.)

(The lyrics are from Dolly Parton's song, 9 to 5, if you don't recognize them.)

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 22 done!

Saturday, April 21, 2018


I am Gemini under the zodiac. Well, that's my sun sign. My moon sign is Sagittarius and my rising sign is Aries. But that's more than you want to know, I'm sure.
My astrological birth wheel from Ain't it pretty?
Here's a description of a Gemini person (from
Gemini people are many sided, quick both in the mind and physically. They are brimming with energy and vitality, they are clever with words. They are intelligent and very adaptable to every situation and every person. Curious and always want to know what's going on in the world around them. They are not one to sit back and watch the world go by, they want to be involved. This can sometimes make them nosy, they do not mind their own business! This is because they really enjoy communicating, more so then most other astrology signs, they are the ultimate social butterfly. They can talk and talk, but they have interesting things to say, their talk is not mindless babble. They have interesting opinions and thoughts on things and are not afraid to speak their mind. They are always in the know and are the one to see for the latest juicy gossip.

Lacking perseverance, they easily goes off topic to explore another thought or idea. Often superficial, they will form opinions on matter without diving into them and exploring them fully. This can lead them into thinking they know everything, which they usually do but their mind is too busy to be concerned with fine details. Routine and boredom are their biggest fears. They would rather be naïve then know the depressing truth, they do not want anything putting a damper on their freedom or positive energy.

Do I fit that? Not the physical part. Or the energy part. Actually I think I'll go back and bold the things I think might apply to me.

Like any of these astrology things, different "readers" think different things about the signs. However, the mixed sides of being born in the twin sign seems to apply to me. I can blow hot and cold within minutes of an event. Just ask my poor husband (who is also Gemini, as is my brother).

Many aspects of Gemini do fit me, but I am not a social butterfly. That part has never fit me, nor does it fit my husband. We are more homebodies and are content to sit around and enjoy each other's company.

It's a good sign to be born under. If you do something out of character, you can just say it was the other side of you. Ha.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 21 done!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Music Shuffle

Put your music player on shuffle and write the first three songs that play and what your initial thoughts are.

1. Talking to My Angel, by Melissa Etheridge
      (Don't be afraid. Close your eyes. Lay it all down. Don't you cry. Can't you see I'm going where I can see the sun rise? I've been talking to my angel, and he said that it's alright.)

2. Into the Dark, by Melissa Etheridge
       (There were stairs they were steep/I was falling falling deep/You were there you were small/
There was screaming down the hall/I've been here sleeping all these years/There comes a time we all know/There's a place that we must go/Into the soul into the heart/Into the dark.)

3. Home, by Sheryl Crow (The video for this song is incredible.)
      (I woke up this morning/And now I understand/What it means to give your love/To just one man/
Afraid of feeling nothing/No bees or butterflies/My head is full of voices/And my house is full of lies/[Chorus] This is home, home/And this is home, home/This is home.)

My initial thought was this should be a pretty plain list, because I only have a couple of albums on my cellphone, and what I have are by only three artists - Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, and Fleetwood Mac.

Upon listening to the first two songs, I'm struck by how the lyrics of the songs reflect my life and how I feel about a lot of things. Into the soul, into the heart, into the dark - places we must go. Introspection and inner growth, something I think many people do not do enough of. So many people reach a certain point and simply stop thinking their own thoughts and instead parrot the news or their preacher or whomever. I value originality, but the world doesn't, does it? It doesn't seem to.

And then there's Sheryl Crow's Home, which is full of incredible longing and a song with a video that maybe Democrats should watch. They might understand why Mr. Trump won the 2016 election if they look closely. The video was made in 1996, I think. Not much has changed.

These are rather melancholy songs, full of longing and loneliness. These are the songs I listen to when I'm feeling sad and contemplative. They aren't dance tunes, they're thinking tunes.

I think I do a lot of thinking. Maybe even a little too much.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 20 done!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quotes to Live By

"First, do no harm," which is the oath that medical students take, is also a version of the Wiccan Rede, which says, "An ye harm none, do what ye will," and, with a little stretching, it is Romans 13:10, which says "Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law."

All say the same thing, more or less, though they may have different implications and mean different things to others. I take the three of them to mean to live my life with love for all, and to do as I please so long as I harm no one in the process.

This I try to do. I am human and thus I fail, but I try.

However, a quote that actually describes me, I think, comes from Tolkien: "Not all those who wander are lost." It is my favorite quote and I think it is descriptive because I am such a curious person, a seeker who is always searching for something else over the next ridge. Sort of a Jill-of-all-trades kind of gal, if you will. For I have always been eager to learn and to see what else there is to know.

So while I wander (and wonder), I am not lost. I know where I am (usually). I'm just always peeking into corners and looking around the bend, whether that is in front of me or behind me.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 17 done!

Monday, April 16, 2018

My Entire Day

  • Wake up
  • Get out of bed
  • Pee
  • Go into the kitchen and make a pot of tea
  • Go into my office and turn on the computer
  • Play Elvenar
  • Read the news
  • Eat breakfast
  • Shower
  • Dress
  • Do laundry
  • Do the dishes
  • Make the bed
  • Put away laundry
  • Straighten up
  • Work on 2018 tax information
  • Write something. Anything.
  • Talk to a friend on phone
  • Walk 5,000 steps while talking on phone
  • Fix dinner
  • Clear up dinner mess
  • Play Elvenar
  • Take another fast "rinse off the pollen" shower
  • Watch TV with husband
  • Go to bed

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 16 done!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Three Pet Peeves

1. That the U.S. is an "opt out" nation with everything while other nations are "opt in." This is why we have so many stupid telemarketing calls. We have to "opt out" to stop them. Other countries don't allow this and citizens don't have to put up with that crap.

2. Books with bad endings.

3. People who think it is their job to remind me I'm overweight, as if somehow I forgot that for even one second of my life.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 14 done!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

My Life in Seven Years

In seven years, I'll be 61
Hopefully I'll be having fun.

Still writing words that people read
Maybe making jewelry with beads.

Taking photos will still be fun
My hubby will remain my only one.

Maybe I'll travel, maybe I won't
I can't be defined by "did" or "don't."

Who knows what will happen in seven years,
but I hope it's more laughter and fewer tears.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 14 done!

Friday, April 13, 2018

April Challenge

The April challenge: your commute to/from work.

I'm semi-retired and when I do work, I work from home. So my commute consists of getting out of bed and going into my office.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 13 done!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Bad Cantaloupe

Most fruits taste good to me. I like apples, grapes, berries of all kinds, bananas, etc. Some fruits I can't eat as well as I did before I had my gallbladder removed, but I have learned which ones I can eat in moderation.

I am not overly fond of pineapple, but I will eat it, and I love oranges, but they make my ears itch, so I don't eat them anymore. Allergies sometimes come out in strange ways and anything that makes your ears itch is probably not something your system likes.

But melons, cantaloupe in particular, are not fruit I eat, with one exception. Watermelon is its own category - I love a good cold watermelon. But cantaloupe? While I can tolerate it and have eaten it in the, past, it is probably the one fruit I overlook and pass over most often.

Cantaloupe has a mealy texture, for one thing, and it's also orange, for another. Orange is not my favorite color.

However, the real reason I pass over cantaloupe, though, is because I will taste for two days if I eat it. It will make me burp, give me indigestion, and set off a digestive issue that not only do I not want, I don't deserve it, either.

So cantaloupe, while I know you're good for weight loss, you're not so good for me.

This little essay is part of the the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 10 done! (A fruit you dislike and why.) 

Monday, April 09, 2018


A very long time ago, when I was writing for the newspaper, I received an anonymous letter from someone who objected to my choice of language when talking about older folks.

I believe I used the term "elderly" to describe someone who was, well, elderly. The more acceptable term, it turned out, was "senior citizen," although at the time I couldn't for the life of me understand what was wrong with elderly.

As a result of the letter, though, I became aware of my choice of language in describing people, and eventually I settled, for the most part, on simply giving a name with the age after it, like this: Joe Baboon, 86, said,  . . .

If the person referred to him or herself as elderly or as a senior citizen, then I felt free to use whatever language I needed, and obviously if this was being said in a quotation then I quoted the person verbatim. And if some business called itself a service for senior citizens, well, who was I to argue with that?

Now I am, for better or worse, a senior citizen. I'm not yet 55 (though I will be soon) but I am over the halfway point of life and slip-sliding on the downhill side. I belong to AARP, for Pete's sake. I am not "elderly," though, and I understand better the anonymous letter-writer's objection. Elderly implies frailty, doddering, and drool. I am not elderly - yet.

However, today many young people do not respect their elders, seeing the old as someone who has things they want to have and as someone who is standing where they want to be in the supermarket. Young people can be quite rude, though not all of them.

Then there is the question of work. Older people need jobs (because of 2008 stock market crashes and now current crashes and probable loss of everything as the government fails) and find themselves looking for work.

Honestly, in today's world, I don't know how to find a job. It's certainly not as easy as it was back in the 1980s, when all I had to do was read the classified advertisements in the newspaper. Part of that may be because I've been self-employed for so long, though.

I am keenly aware of the silver in my hair, the fat in my belly, and my, shall we say, lack of grace now when I am out in public. I can't use hair coloring because I'm allergic to it, so there is no way to hide that I am in the graying age bracket. I have on my resume left off some things - I don't make note of when I graduated high school, for example, or list jobs I held 25 years ago. But even saying I've been a freelance writer for the last 25 years is a tell - that implies I have to be at least 45 or older. I'm no spring chicken, and while for the most part I am not ashamed of my white hair or my wrinkles - I have earned every darned one of them - when it comes to looking for work, I'm at a loss.

I've never had someone tell me I was too old to do something, though I have been told I had too much education for specific jobs. I've experienced much more gender bias and discrimination than age discrimination. I harbor no illusions, though, that I won't be hit with this double whammy should I ever decide to return to the work force.

Ageism is wrong on the same level as gender discrimination. If someone can do the job and has the skills, age shouldn't matter. Gender shouldn't matter. All that should matter is the ability to do the work, the skill set, and personality.

This essay is part of the the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 9 done!