Wednesday, July 17, 2024

His New Favorite Picture


A love note from our great niece put my husband in a fine mood. We have it proudly displayed on the refrigerator.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Common Whitetail Dragonfly

I saw this critter out on the patio the other morning and snapped some photos. My guidebook says it is a common whitetail dragonfly. I don't know what it was doing at my house, since we've no ponds or standing water in the yard, but with the drought who knows what is flying where.

It was interesting to watch its little head bobbing up and down while I was shooting photos.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sunday Stealing

1. What is the hottest temperature you've seen this summer so far?

A. I think I saw 105 F on the thermometer recently. That's very hot for Virginia. 

2. What is your favorite summer beverage?

A. Water is all I drink anymore.

3. Have you seen any fireflies/lightning bugs yet? Cicadas?

A. I have seen lightning bugs. The cicadas missed us this year.

4. What are the last 3 things you bought online?

A. An iPhone case, a glass cover for my phone, and a digital book.

5. Where do locals go to cool off?

A. The James River has its start in my county, so many folks find comfort there. We have many creeks, rivers, and ponds around, though, and some of those are in the National Forest. Others are on private property.

6. Where did you buy your last postcard and what was on the pc?

A. My last postcard likely was purchased in Myrtle Beach, SC, and had a picture of the beach on it. I don't really remember, as I haven't bought a postcard since before 2020.

7. What's your favorite summertime scent?

A. Watermelon is my favorite summertime scent. That's also my favorite summertime treat.

8. What kind of a/c do you have - central, room, fans only, chillers, none and what temperature do you set it to?

A. We have a heat pump that circulates cold air throughout the house. I suppose that is central air. I change the temperature depending on the heat outside, so it doesn't really have a setting.

9. Do you have a summer vacation planned and if so, where are you really going?

A. I do not have a summer vacation planned.

10. What are your favorite summer activities?

A. We do some gardening in the summer, but mostly our lives revolve around the farm and getting in hay and ensuring the cattle have water. 

11. What's your favorite summertime food?

A. Oops, I already answered this. Watermelon is my favorite summertime food.

12. Did you ever go to summer school?

A. I never went to summer school. I did, however, go to band camp, which was held in the summer, and it was generally awfully hot for that.

13. What's your favorite summertime memory?

A. Well, let's see. I answered a similar question yesterday, so I will give a different answer here. We used to play in the creek in front of the house. We built up a little dam, my brother and me along with some of the local kids who could walk to our house, and made ourselves a little pond area. We caught crawdads there, and had some floats we could lay on, and other floaty type toys that one would have found in the early 1970s.

14. Do you like fireworks?

A. I like fireworks. I am not fond of the noise or the smoke, but they are lovely to look at.

15. How do you feel about the longer days of summer?

A. The days are not any longer, there is just more light available. They are still 24-hour days. I can't do anything about the amount of light, so I just live with it like everyone else does.


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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Saturday 9: Lazy-Hazy Crazy Days

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Nat King Cole sings about enjoying "soda and pretzels and beer." Which of those three would we find in your kitchen right now?

A. My husband drinks Diet Dr. Pepper, so there are some of those in the refrigerator.

2) The lyrics mention a romantic movie. Which movie couple do you believe had onscreen chemistry?

A. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman would get my vote for best onscreen chemistry.

3) He wishes "summer could always be here." How has your summer been so far?

A. My summer has been hot and painful. We've had record-breaking heat and are now in a drought, and I've been having back spasms for two weeks.

4) According to the song, a great warm weather meal includes sandwiches and weinies. Tell us about your perfect sandwich or, if you prefer, what you believe is the ideal way to dress a hot dog.

A. My perfect sandwich would be a ham, cheese, tomato, and mayonnaise sandwich. The only way I will eat a hot dog is with mustard, ketchup, and relish. I don't like them with chili or slaw or any of that stuff.

5) Nat was a big baseball fan. Growing up in Chicago he played sandlot games and listened to Cubs games on the radio. As an adult he was a season ticket holder at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Do you enjoy playing/watching baseball or softball?

A. No. Sorry, Gal.

6) The lyrics of this week's song were written by Charlie Tobias, who wanted to create a sense of nostalgia for summers gone by. Share one of your special summer memories.

A. My grandparents had six children, and the youngest was a year younger than I and their next youngest was 4 years older than I. My brother was the youngest of the four of us. My grandfather would give us each two quarters to mow the yard, and we would split the work up and take turns mowing. Then we'd ride our bikes up to the Orange Market, which was about a block and a half away, and we'd take our quarters and buy a comic book, a candy bar, and a soda with it. My favorite soda was a grape NeHi and I always bought the comic books about Wonder Woman, Supergirl, the Fantastic Four, or the Black Widow because I wanted the strong women in those comics as role models. A quarter went a long way back then. We would make sure we each bought different comics so we could swap them around.

7) In 1963, one of the best-selling books was Happiness Is a Warm Puppy by Charles Schultz. The cover showed Lucy giving Snoopy a big hug. Name another character from the Peanuts comic strip.

A. Peppermint Patty is another character in Peanuts.

8) Also in 1963, men were wearing thin, solid-color ties. Later in the decade, ties would become wider, patterned and more colorful. Where do you turn to keep up with fashion trends?

A. I don't keep up with fashion trends.

9) Random question: Would you rather be a cowboy or a pirate?

A. Arggh! Shiver me timbers, it's a pirate life for me, matey! I'd be the fiercest female pirate to sail these seven seas, I tell ye, and I'd make the kings and queens shiver at the sound of my name. I'd take all of my prisoners to a private island and tell them to go off and do their own thing and create their own little world, with coconuts from them my only tithe. Then I'd track down the other pirates and force them at sword point to tell me where they'd buried all their treasure, why surely I would! If they didn't talk, I'd blindfold them and make them walk the plank, only they'd not fall into shark-infested water but into a net, where I'd pull them into my ship and have my way with them if they smelled nice (if they smelled bad, then off to the dungeon with them!). And once they'd been entranced by my beauty, we'd go dig up their treasure and distribute it amongst the poor at the ports.


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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Thursday Thirteen

1. Whatever happened to hickeys? You know, those dark spots that used to appear on the necks of young men and women. It was all the rage when I was in high school for the kids to have a hickey to prove they were doing a lot of necking and stuff in the back seat of cars. But no one ever talks about them anymore.

2. Whatever happened to ring around the collar? Did it just disappear? Did men stop sweating around their neck in their shirts? Or is it because we have a more casual dress code now?

3. Whatever happened to the important question of "Where's the beef?" Shouldn't we be asking this now, especially since a thing of beef on a fast-food hamburger is about as thick as a potato chip?

4. Where did the pet rocks go? Did they all run away?

5. Whatever happened to clogs? They were big clunky shoes that girls wore in the 1970s. I had a pair and nearly broke my neck on those things.

6. And why did the clothes makers do away with bell bottom jeans?

7. What happened to acid rain?

8. Why do they no longer show cartoons on Saturday mornings? Is it because we have cartoon networks that show cartoons all the time? But today's cartoons are kind of blech. :-)

9. Do they still make tube socks?

10. Do people still hitchhike? Or ride on trains as hobos?

11. What happened to the smallpox vaccine scars that we all had when we were younger?

12. Why did they do away with Schoolhouse Rock?

13. Lastly, how does Superman change his clothes now that all of the telephone booths are gone?


Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here if you want to read other Thursday Thirteens and/or play along. I've been playing for a while, and this is my 868th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday. Or so sayth the Blogger counter, anyway.