Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Happiness Challenge

I have high blood pressure. I've had it for 20 years or more. It has been controlled with medication (and a little by diet). 

Now, though, it's messed up. I'd noted the last few times I was in my doctor's office that it seemed to be running high. Not super high, more like 146/88 high instead of 124/78. And my beats per minute are always over 80. Thump thump thump. My husband's beats per minute are like beat - wait 10 minutes - beat. Well, it's not that bad, but his is about 45 beats per minute. Half of mine.

So today I am happy that I have a doctor I can email numbers to and say, hey, my new blood pressure monitor is scaring me a little with numbers of 168/105. My question wasn't "what do I do," it was, "can this wait until my scheduled appointment with you in two weeks?" To which she responded I could wait so long as I wasn't having any issues.

I am scratching my head a little as to what issues I could be having other than the ones I have, but since she said I could wait and I didn't see anything that indicated alarm on her part, I guess I am in a sort-of-ok-for-the-moment range. I think if she'd thought that something needed immediate attention she'd have called in a drug or told me to double on a medication or had me come in.

Just to be safe, I did tai chi a while ago as I know that has in the past brought my numbers down a little. And I will avoid salt if I can. It's hard to know what has salt in it. It shows up in the strangest places.

Anyway, I am happy I'm still able to write this, though I do feel a bit of concern. And since my doctor is aware of the problem, hopefully when I do see her, she'll have looked over my medications and determined what the next steps should be if she wants to add another blood pressure medication to my mix.


  1. This is good news, and it sounds like you have a doctor you trust.

  2. I should get an at-home blood pressure cuff to monitor. It's great your doctor is responsive.


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