Monday, July 04, 2022


This is my cover of Falling, by LeBlanc and Carr. It's not a song you hear much anymore, but it came to mind a few weeks ago so I looked it up.

I wish I could say that a performance like this is just a quick grab of the camera, placing it on video, and playing, but no.

First, the song was in a key I couldn't sing it in well (F). After much fiddling around, I ended up with the capo on the 5th fret of the guitar.

I hate playing with a capo anyway, but one that high up on the guitar makes the guitar sound too high for my taste. I tried transposing it back so I could play it in a lower register, but it's in A# now, and frankly the Fmaj7 chord position sounds so much better on the guitar, even with the capo in the 5th fret, than an A#maj7 chord position, that I left it alone.

After figuring that out, I had to find the tempo on the RC-3 Loop Station, then play it through several times to make sure I could play it and sing it. Then I taped a strumming round on the Loop Station. Later, I taped another guitar round on the Loop station, except I was finger picking it instead of strumming.

Finally, I went back and taped in the little lead runs. I had initially planned to play those while I was singing, but I've hurt my left hand, so I went with taping the lead instead.

And then, feeling like I'd had about enough of this song, I hit the video and recorded it.

This took about 10 days over all to accomplish, what with life stuff and my hand swelling up.

Anyway, here is my cover of this 1977 love song.

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