Friday, November 12, 2021

Talkin' TV

I do not, as a general rule, watch much television. I don't have it on during the day. I turn it on to watch the 6 p.m. news sometimes, but not every night. I usually have it on by 8 and then I read while whatever my husband is watching is on.

He watches a lot of television. He has it blaring constantly when he is home, playing movies with lots of explosions, or car shows where they are banging on metal, or deer hunting shows where they're killing poor little Bambi.

This fall, the only new show I have picked up is La Brae. This is a fantasy about a group of people who fell through time via a time portal created during a sink hole at the La Brae tarpits. I have enjoyed it so far. It's well done and while there are some time travel anomalies that the writers appear to be overlooking, it's easy to follow and the characters are interesting.

Another show I watch is The Voice, which is about mid-season. It's about singers who are competing for one another. I don't do the "America votes" part. I simply watch.

I also watch Survivor, although I'm not sure why. I can't even tell you the people's name on the season this year. I think it's simply habit. I started watching it in season one and never stopped. It's simply what we do on Wednesday night.

Other shows I watch are Stargirl, which just finished its rather short season but has been renewed for a third (it's on the CW), and Supergirl, which also ended completely this week.

Supergirl's last season disappointed me. The writing was slow, the videography cut and paste, and even the two-hour finale was more disjointed than I would have liked. The things that interested me about the show - the relationships between Supergirl (Kara Danvers) and her sister and friends, were set aside in favor of other relationships (her sister and her lover, for example). I would have preferred less of the rest of the cast and more of Supergirl in her last season. Some of this was, I suspect, due to the star, Melissa Benoist, and her pregnancy, as well as the pandemic and ensuing interruptions in filming.

I always liked this show for its message of hope. Even when alien creatures were roaming the streets of National City, Supergirl made me feel like in the end, all would be well, and it generally was. While there were many things about the show I didn't care for, the overall message of hope, peace, and love were welcome during trying times. I don't know of another show that offers those messages. If you, dear reader, are watching something that offers similar messages, please let me know so I can tune in.

Stargirl is a bit like a junior Supergirl, but this season also felt wrong compared to the first season, and I didn't especially care for it. I attempted to watch Batwoman but could not make it through more than six episodes of Season 2 and simply gave up on it. It was depressing and I found it bothered me a great deal and made me feel mentally off.

I do not watch the news channels much, especially at night, as they upset me. I obtain my news via newspapers, both in print and online, and from the local evening news. Sometimes I watch the opinion heads online the next day but I do that infrequently. I also listen to NPR, the Associated Press, and Reuters on Alexa every morning.

We have attempted to watch Yellowstone but have found it very violent and brutal. I am not into violence and brutality, so I don't know if we will continue to try to watch that. We've watched the first three episodes of the series and neither of us have been overly interested in returning to it.

Some people have the TV on constantly. I can't stand the racket. I would rather listen to music or nothing, depending on what I'm doing. Also, we only have DirecTV and don't do much streaming except for Amazon Prime or HBO Max occasionally. Our internet connection is not that great and I am not a fan of buffering.

There are many other things to do with one's time, anyway.

The click of the keyboard is always a pleasant sound when I'm writing.

What do you watch on TV, dear reader? Tell me what I'm missing.


  1. We watch a lot of British shows on PBS, Amazon, and Britbox, a streaming app with all British shows. However, we don't watch a lot of them at once. We usually just have one British series going that takes up an hour or so of our evening time. There's very little on regular TV that we watch except for movies on Turner Classics once in awhile. Our daughter and her husband love Yellowstone. Cliff and I watched all the seasons last year, but I don't like it; there are no heroes. Every single character is ready to fight and kill someone at any moment. I HATE that. I have enough problem keeping a positive attitude in winter without that junk.

  2. I just cleared my DVR of the drivel I was recording and watching from Bravo (the various Housewives shows) that I don't know why I even watched them other than it was good background noise. So now I am set to record Top Chef, which is my favorite reality show, and Alone on the History Channel. I used to love Who Do You Think You Are, the genealogy show but lost track of where it is now that it's no longer on network stations.

  3. I don't have it on till the nightly news at 6:30. I mostly watch movies and Netflix/Amazon series. I haven't got hooked on a network show in a long time but sometimes flip around when I'm resting and have seen a bit of the ones you mention. Ted Lasso is worth the $4.99 Apple fee.

  4. I watch local news, but nothing much else on tv. I like some netflix shows, but I go to bed too early to watch much of anything. lol


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