Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Bolton Bible

These photos are of the Bolton Bible. This is my husband's side of the family. They once owned the land we farm. His many great-grandfather on his great-grandmother's side purchased the property in 1859.

I do not know a lot of about these folks as I haven't pursued that line very far. A distant cousin in California found us and she shared these pictures with us. She had located the family Bible and now has it in her possession. She has become the family historian, although she is not from the same son as our line. The relationship goes further back.

The last photo is a picture of a piece of paper that was in the Bible. I cannot make out what it says.

This did make me wonder if there is a family Bible for my lineage, like my mother's and father's. I don't know of a family Bible for either parent. My mother is dead but I shall have to remember to ask my father the next time I talk to him. If there was a family Bible, that doesn't mean anyone in his line has it. It could have found its way to Memphis, for all I know.

I had planned to do more genealogy work this spring as we revved up our county celebrations for its 250th birthday. Those plans all derailed with the pandemic and my husband's retirement. I have information on a few specific lines but I am missing much on my father's side of the family along with several branches on my mother's side. I would like to sort out my husband's lineage as well, as it does not appear anyone but me has an interest in it.

It is a time consuming project and not one I wanted to get into while worrying over diseases and retiring husbands. My ol' brain can only stand so much stress.

However, it is on my list of things to work on.


  1. so fascinating to me --hope you are all well and embracing spring

  2. That is an heirloom for sure. I have my grandmother's Bible but they did not have any names in it. The Bible I got in 1990 has information I put in it. I at organizing my pictures now and will scan them too for my family. I just learned your name by reading the sidebar!


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