Sunday, May 25, 2008


I was taking a look at referrals to my blog to see what brings people to these pages.

One of the most-looked at entries is this one written December 28, 2006 about my fingernails. It is the photo which comes up in people's searches. I have visions of images of my hands in the windows of nail salons the world over. "If your fingers look like this, come in, we can help!"

Just for the record, I have stopped biting my nails. However, they don't really look a lot better. It takes a long time for nails to grow out when you've been rough on them.

I also get hits on entries about the Kodak Z710 camera I once owned and then got rid of because I disliked it. I switched to a Canon and about six months later bought a Nikon. I use the Canon with my newspaper work a lot; the Nikon I tend to use around the farm. I think the Nikon has richer colors.

Other interesting searches include "kill chicken with a knife" and "problem finding Drixoral in stores." The chicken thing referred to an entry I made about how easy it is to buy a chicken in the store.

The Drixoral reference is to a recent post I made about my husband's inability to find this over-the-counter drug. Amy at Virginia Scribe writes that she went so far as to call the drug maker. She learned the drug will be off the market for a year.

My husband is now using a generic of Zyrtec D for his sinus issues. It's a more expensive drug but it seems to be working.

Other hits include "3 Little Pigs Restaurant Botetourt" which I mentioned in a post about non-smoking restaurants, floaters and flashers in your eyes, and cupping (a procedure performed by my acupuncturist).

And several come to me through links from other webpages; thanks to you have me bookmarked on your sites. I hope I have reciprocated; I try to.

Of my last 100 readers, most are from the United States, with an abundance along the eastern seaboard, and a few in California (none in the Midwest); a number are from the United Kingdom and Canada. There are also a few hits from Russia, India, Romania and Malaysia.

It's interesting to look at these stats. But unless I want to drive up traffic by writing with keywords, I guess my traffic will stay about where it is. That's good enough for me!

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  1. Stats are so interesting at times! My whale poop post is still one of the top hits.

    I'm a fellow nail biter too, and I KNOW it is gross, icky and all of that. I think it is a personal kinda tic in that the feeling of nails just sends me up the wall. It literally goes up the backbone. I can't stand the feel of nails when my husband hasn't cut his enough.

    I think it is also genetic to a certain degree. My dad did, and I see my son starting.

    I have gone a very long time without doing it, right before my wedding for example. It did require constant filing, etc. to keep them short enough.

    I also cannot stand the feeling of them as I type alot. I really don't understand how people type with nails.

    I wash my hands a TON as a result, but honestly it only seems to happen later at night when I'm reading in bed. I'd hate anybody to think I just did it and then shook hands with them.

    The habit does drive my husband nuts. Well, I guess he has his fair share of things that drive me nuts so I'd call it even.


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