Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Smoking Restaurants

The other day my husband and I set out to have dinner. We could not come up with too many restaurants locally that are entirely smoke-free.

We ended up at K&W Cafeteria for our Valentine's celebration, because I was not in the mood to inhale second hand smoke and we couldn't think of another completely smoke free restaurant in the Hershberger area.

Many restaurants have a smoking section, but let's face it. Those don't work. The smoke wafts over and you smell like you're the one inhaling tar and nicotine regardless of how far away you sit.

I looked for a list of smoke free restaurants in the area on the Internet but could not find one.

So I am making my own list. Please contribute if you know for sure a restaurant is smoke free.

Most that I know about are close to home. I am pretty clueless about restaurants in Roanoke. I do not eat out a lot; smoking sections are the reason why.

Smoke Free

Three Little Pigs (Daleville)
Country Cookin' (Daleville)
Bellacino's (Daleville)
IHOP (Roanoke)
K&W Cafeteria (Roanoke)
Pizza Hut (Daleville)
Harbor Inn Seafood (Roanoke)*
Famous Anthony's (all locations, I think)*
Pizza Hut (Hershberger Road)*
Pete's Deli (Town Squre Blvd)*
Jersey Lilly's (Rt 460, I think is non-smoking)*

Smoking section

Cracker Barrel (Troutville)
Shoney's (Troutville)
O'Charley's (Roanoke)
Shaker's (Roanoke)
Coach & Four (Roanoke)
Shang-Hi (Salem)
Logan's @ Valley View*
Texas Steakhouse @ Valley View*

Everything else?
Others? Recommendations?

* Added after original post*


  1. Non-smoking
    Famous Anthony's (all locations, I think)
    Pizza Hut (Hershberger Road)
    Pete's Deli (Town Squre Blvd)
    Jersey Lilly's (Rt 460, I think is non-smoking)

    Smoking Section
    Logan's @ Valley View
    Texas Steakhouse @ Valley View

    I think the legislature needs to get over the fact this state once thrived on the tobacco and realize the harm that 2nd hand smoke does to patrons and needless to say the workplace hazard it presents to servers.

  2. I feel your pain. We are 100% smoke free out here. I did not realize how great it was until we went somewhere, Las Vegas maybe, or Hawaii, or maybe Conecticut, I cannot remember now, and smoke was everywhere!

  3. We've gone smoke free here, thank goodness. The only downside is the way the pubs now contribute to global warming by providing patio heaters in their gardens for those smokers intent on harming their lungs. In fact I would ban patio heaters! They represent just about everything wasteful and damaging in our current way of life.

  4. Even as a smoker, I never ask for the smoking section if there's one. I also prefer non-smoking places because the filtration usually does not work well especially when non-smoking tables are right next to smoking ones.

    Non-smoking - El Rodeo or is it Toreo on Peters Creek Rd.
    Bastian's BBQ

    Smoking - and bad air quality - Macado's, but good Bloody Mary's
    Applebee's - Tanglewood - tables too close to smoking area
    Martin's - smoke never bothered me there
    Mama Maria's - but the smoking section is in another room/bar area down the hall so you don't smell it at all

  5. All smoke free here in Florida. We have quite an adjustment each year when we return to Virginia...both to smoking and sweet tea!

  6. Correction to my idea that jersey lillys is non-smoking. it is in the dining area, but they were puffing it up hard in the bar tonight. =(

  7. I think that non-smokers just need to fill the smoking section and there will be nowhere for the smokers to smoke. Non-smokers almost always out number the smokers in your local restaurants so if all the non-smokers would just get with the plan I think it would work. Of course you would have to tolerate a few smokers from time to time but the overall air quality would surely improve.


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