Thursday, May 15, 2008

So 1984

So after a quick lunch with a friend today, I simply had to go to CVS to see if I could find my husband's cold medication.

He uses Drixoral and has for years. It keeps him from snoring, which is a good thing because he can snore long and loud and I do not sleep.

Husband snored a lot last night.

Into CVS I go, only to find they don't have the OTC drug either. Apparently this OTC drug has vanished from local shelves. This was the last place I had to look.

Drugs with pseudoephedrine are now a controlled substance. That is a decongestant, which up until 2005 I could buy as as easily as I could wipe my nose.

You can still buy it without a prescription, but you have to show ID and sign for it.

The pharmacist suggested a very expensive alternative to Drixoral. I had to do that produce your driver’s license and sign for it thing in order to obtain this.

While I was performing that activity, which always angers me and makes me feel like a criminal simply because I need a cold capsule, the PA in the store began blaring.

There are new rules about passports that will take effect soon. You may not leave or enter the country, including from Mexico and Canada, without a valid passport,” it droned.

I felt like I was in some kind of police state.

I couldn't get out of that store fast enough.


  1. The sad thing is, it's not just "that store".

    January 20th is right around the corner. I'm just hoping that we make it a priority to prosecute the current administration to the FULLEST extent of the law.

  2. Oh I completely relate! I have taken Drixoral every single day since 1985 - I have terrible allergies. I've tried oodles of other prescriptions, but Drixoral does the trick. I've also been all over town. Today, I tried a Sudafed decongestant mixed with a Chloratrimeton. My body knows it isn't Drixoral. It half-way works. What did you try? Did it work? This happened to me last year, and I called the drug manufacturer. I was told it was being re-formulated. However, it re-appeared on the shelves about a month later and was the same pill. Perhaps there is just a high demand for it. I really hope so!


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