Sunday, June 09, 2024

Sunday Stealing

1. Are you afraid of the dark?

A. No. I should be, but I am not.

2. Can you curl your tongue?

A. Yes.

3. Can you wiggle your ears?

A. No.

4. Did you ever participate in a talent show?

A. Yes. When I played in band, both the high school band and the rock and roll band I was in, I was in talent shows that involved them.

5. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

A. My ears are pierced.

6. Do you prefer Mac or PC?

A. I have a PC. I have always had PCs. If I thought that my older stuff would convert easily to a Mac, I'd try a Mac, but I don't know and can't seem to find out.

7. Do you still have your wisdom teeth?

A. No. I had them cut out when I was about 16. I was quite sick from it.

8. Do you watch cartoons?

A. I haven't in a long while, but I don't mind them.

9. Have you ever been hospitalized?

A. Many times.

10. Have you had braces?

A. Yes.

11. Were you ever a Girl or Boy Scout? (Or a brownie)

A. No.

12. What is one food you refuse to eat?

A. Coconut.

13. What's the most expensive item of clothing that you own?

A. Probably my sneakers.

14. What's your favorite foreign food?

A. I like Chinese, although I strongly suspect what is called "Chinese food" around here is so Americanized as to be unrecognizable as real Chinese food.

15. Who's your favorite fictional character?

A. I don't really know, but I'll go with Nancy Drew this time.


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  1. You are almost certainly correct about Chinese food in America!

  2. Chinese food! It is so hard to find good Chinese food around home. We've had some good stuff on the road though!


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