Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Too Many Ads

Back in the fall, my hard drive failed, and I took the computer to a service center. They replaced the hard drive with an SSD card and installed an ad blocker.

The ad blocker says it has blocked 2.3 MILLION ads in the last 7 months.

That is ridiculous and outrageous. It is no wonder Americans are running around acting like a bunch of insane idiots. We are bombarded constantly by brands, pitches, screams, bells and whistles, and just plain crap that no one needs to see, yet there it is. Constantly.

Seven months is 18.4 million seconds. So that's an ad every 8 seconds on the computer, on my browsers, that this ad blocker has blocked. And it says it has only blocked 37 percent of the ads! Just a little more than a third of the ads are actually blocked. So really, I'm seeing an ad almost every second.

Then toss in TV, ads on Alexa and/or the radio, billboards, newspaper advertising, etc. - and you have the makings of an insane asylum. Literally.

Stop the madness, somebody, and let me out of here!

We have a 5th district congressional house seat that is up for a primary and the ads for that are brutal. And stupid. I would never vote for either of these guys. "Incumbent" doesn't support the former president. Opponent is too liberal for Virginia because he voted to pay for schooling for immigrants when he served at the state level. Of course, this guy is no liberal, his ads saying how great his is point a gun straight at the camera, and he's big friends with the wanna-be dic-tator. They both make me ill.

These two are running advertisements ad nauseum on the local stations, so much so that we have started turning the news off as soon as we see the weather simply so we don't have to see the advertisements.

The big elephant in the middle of these ads is the 45th president, of course. It's all about him. Everything is about him. He's all over the TV, getting constant free airtime, just like he did in 2016. The media learned nothing. The people in control of the media obviously are not patriots, do not understand that demolishing the US Constitution means a vast loss of power not only to us little underlings but also to themselves and their standing not just in this country but also in the rest of the world. Because the US will dwindle without its founding document, and whatever rises from the ashes will be demonic. It certainly will be no beautiful phoenix.

There's also this bozo who sells car who screams at the TV set like we're all deaf. Big deals "fooooor the people." Totally awful ads, usually celebrating the flag. As if wearing red, white, and blue makes one a knowledgeable patriot and an ideal car salesman. (Hint: it doesn't. It makes you an idiot because you don't know how to honor the U.S. flag with appropriate respect.)

What was it that old ad used to say? Calgon, take me away?

No, I think I'd rather go Trekkie. Beam me up, Scottie. I'm ready to go back to the ship.


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