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Saturday 9: Blame

Saturday 9: Blame It on the Bossa Nova (1963)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's song tells the story of a girl who found love at a dance. Share a happy memory from a party, prom, or dance you attended.

A. My husband threw me a surprise 50th birthday party. He got a hold of my phone and called everyone in it, I think. There were people I never would have expected to come there. It was humbling to see folks cared enough to take a few hours out of a Saturday to see me and eat pizza.

2) This record was a big hit for Eydie Gorme, which surprised her. When she first heard the song, she disliked it and had to be convinced to record it. Tell us about a pleasant surprise you had recently.

A. We had a calf born that is almost white. I need to get out and take a photo of it, when it stops raining.

3) "Blame It on the Bossa Nova" is about love at first sight on the dance floor. Eydie's husband Steve Lawrence maintained he fell in love with her the first time he heard her sing. Have you ever felt a sudden, powerful attraction to someone? If yes, did you act on it?

A. Yes, and yes.

4) While this was a solo success for Eydie, she was also known for recording and performing with Steve Lawrence. He was just 22 and she was 29 when they married. Eydie admitted she was self-conscious about the difference in their ages. Do you think age matters in a romantic relationship?

A. No.

5) Eydie was fluent in Spanish, which enabled her to pay for her classes at City College by working as an interpreter. Tell us about one of your early jobs.

A. I was a legal secretary for a lawyer. At the time, everything was typed on an IBM Selectric II, and it had to be perfect. No errors. No sloppiness. I wonder what happened to that work ethic. I still have it but I don't see it in others.

6) In 1963, when this song was popular, The Rambler was Motor Trend's car of the year. It was a 9-passenger station wagon, perfect for families. What do you remember about your childhood family car?

A. I remember that we had a green station wagon that my brother wrecked. We also had a blue Dodge Charger. My parents went through a lot of cars.

7) Also in 1963, President Kennedy made a state trip to Ireland. Have you visited the land of your ancestors?

A. No. I kind of live in the land of my ancestors. They settled here before the American Revolution.

8) The pilot for Gilligan's Island was filmed in 1963. Were you a fan of the show?

A. In reruns. I was too young to watch the original.

9) Random question: Crunchy, smooth or organic peanut butter?

A. Smooth Peter Pan peanut butter.

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  1. Yeah I remember typing on an electric typewriter … the first word processors were revolutionary

  2. That was nice that your husband through you a 50th birthday party. My daughter gave me a 60th birthday party and I know she is planning a 70th for my husband this fall. I would like to see a picture of your white calf. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. My college professors were sticklers for "no errors" on the page--which was tough when footnotes were involved on a typewriter! That's when I learned how to photocopy--or cut and paste and then photocopy!

  4. #1 -- Aw, your husband is such a sweetie. #7 -- My grandfather would agree with you, even though he was born in Germany and spent 20 years there. When I told him I was going to Europe, he asked "why?" He considered THIS the land of his heart.


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