Wednesday, September 27, 2023

That's Just the Way It Is

The fence rows used to be clear of brush
with no cedars or pines growing high.
The state trimmed the roadside five times a year
and you could see from the Parkway roadside.

Flowers bloomed in the interstate divide
and houses were painted and clean.
No graffiti covered abandoned gas stations.
People were nice, not mean.

Those halcyon days of long ago
only four decades or so
have transformed into a world of decay.
It's not something I care to know.

The farmers' kids all left town
to find money in better cities.
To save taxpayers their dollar bills
no one cares if the roadside's pretty.

The Blue Ridge Parkway's a solid drive
if you don't want to see the sights.
The overlooks are overgrown with scrubs
and you don't clear that overnight.

Where is the pride in the public space?
Where is the joy in the living?
When all around there's debris and trash
and lots more taking than giving?

1 comment:

  1. True words there Sis. I do take it on myself to keep the roadsides clean and mowed/trimmed along the property road border. I know I am not supposed to according to the state but I don't like to see that crap everyday when I come and go.


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