Friday, June 09, 2023

60 plus 1 day

Yesterday, I had a nice day for my birthday.

My husband's radio alarm went off at 5:00 a.m., and it was playing a Melissa Etheridge song. That much registered, but I don't remember the song. Just that it was one of my favorite singer/songwriters.

My friend took me to lunch! I had the first piece of chocolate cake I've had in at least three years.

The pearls around my neck were my birthday present from my husband. I have on earrings to match.

I received lots of cards.

And over 100 people said Happy Birthday to me on Facebook! I also had phone calls and texts from various friends and family members.

My brother visited me, which would have been present enough, but he also brought me a cool gift - a box of retro candy from the year I was born.

Inside were things like wax lips, red hots, Smarties, candy cigarettes, a bubble gum cigarette, and other things that I had long forgotten.

I received a few gift cards, too. I am thinking about what to purchase with those.

Additionally, I received some books!

My husband took me to dinner Wednesday night, which was a very good thing as he got hung up on one of his contracting jobs and didn't get home until almost 9 p.m. I didn't mind the time alone; I put on a Fleetwood Mac concert we have on the DVR and read a book. Then I made a phone call to a friend whose birthday is today and learned about the former guy's indictments. I watched the news about that for a little while but then went back to my book until my husband came home. I made him a chicken sandwich, he took a shower, and we went to bed.

All in all, a very satisfactory 60th birthday. Many thanks to all who helped make it special.


  1. Sounds like a great birthday. I hope the chocolate cake didn't bother your stomach.

  2. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a GREAT one!!!!

  3. What a lovely birthday you had! That's a wonderful photo of you and your friend. Glad to 'see' you!! I wish you many more wonderful birthdays to come.


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