Saturday, April 01, 2023

Saturday 9: Fool

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Do you have any pranks planned for April Fool's Day?

A. No. I dislike pranks, generally. Besides, it's Saturday.
2) When Crazy Sam was a little girl, she once pranked her mother by putting bubble wrap under the bathmat, so Mom heard a POP when she stepped on it. When you find bubble wrap, can you resist popping it?

A. I love popping bubble wrap! That's a great prank.

3) This week's song is about a wise man counseling a heartbroken younger person. Chris Rea, who wrote and performs this song, says it was inspired by watching his kid sister endure her first breakup. Were you in love at 17? Do you remember the object of your affections?

A. I was not in love at 17. I fell in love at 19, though, and married him.
4) She's dressed in black as she mourns the end of her romance. Does your wardrobe include a lot of black?

A. It has some black, but mostly dark blue.
5) He offers to treat her to her first glass of good wine. Do you prefer white or red?

A. I don't drink wine.
6) Chris' own teenage romance was highly successful. He met Joan Lesley while still in school and they have been married since 1968. Whose was the most recent wedding you have attended?

A. I haven't been to a wedding in 20 years. We held a reception for my nephew, who eloped, in 2019, I think it was. 
7) Chris Rea is a passionate race car fan and once worked as a pit mechanic for a Formula One race. Do you watch auto racing?

A. My husband watches NASCAR, so I see it when I pass through the living room. Sometimes I read a book while he is watching it.
8) In 1978, when this song was popular, Laverne and Shirley was America's #1 TV show. It's still available via cable and streaming today. Are/were you a fan?

A. I watched it. I thought it had its moments.

9) Random question: What are you grateful for this morning?

A. I'm grateful I still have electricity, because we're due for high winds and weather problems all day today. So far it's rain and wind gusts.


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  1. #7 made me smile because I can totally picture it.

  2. We are bracing for the nasty weather here, too, but so far the sun is shining and all is calm. It would be lovely if it missed us. The back yard is nothing but a bog again.

  3. #1 Ditto
    #7 I have been to a local NASCAR race (Stafford Motor Speedway); 1) It really loud and makes it hard to talk and be heard. 2) After a dozen laps or so it got really boring. 3) I got a headache. 4) In the morning my clothes smelled like gasoline flumes.

  4. someone else who loves popping bubble wrap.

  5. The wind is blowing hard here now.

  6. Looks like we both got married young and we have survived! We lost our electricity for 2 hours last week. We had to take out the camping lights. The kids were using their phones and I told them to watch their batteries because they needed them for the alarms in the morning. Sometimes they need something to remind them how important utilities are. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Sure is cheaper when couples elope. Hope you haven't lost your electricity today, I hate when that happens, mainly because I'm on oxygen and no electricity means no oxygen. I do have my battery operated oxy-go that will get me through several hours. Happy April 1st!


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