Monday, March 20, 2023

Feel Like Making Love

This song, Feel Like Making Love, originally released in 1975 by Bad Company, is a song I had difficulty with.

For one thing, I couldn't sing it in the key it was originally recorded in, so I had to move it up from D to E.

For another, this song, if you listen to the released version, doesn't know whether it's a folk-rock song or a hard rock song. At the beginning, it sounds like folk rock, or soft rock (whatever you want to call it), but at the end, it's like the guy with the guitar just couldn't hold it back anymore so he rocks it on out.

However, VH1 once labeled this the 78th best hard rock song, so I guess it's a hard rock song, even if I have my doubts.

I struggled with this for a good month. I lack the vocals, and I lack the lead guitar skill. Finally, after some prompting from a friend, I decided to do it "my way" and hope it worked.

This uses my RC-3 Loop Station for the drums. I recorded a background rhythm first, then if you listen closely you can hear where I attempted to use the guitar to enhance the vocal parts where there should have been more people singing. I'm not sure that worked, but it doesn't sound awful. I did the lead guitar differently than the released song, and I also end the song earlier.

My voice has two ranges, the one that sounds a lot like I talk (which is what you hear in this video), and the one that sounds more alto-soprano and is higher pitched. What I can't do, likely because I never had vocal training, is switch from one voice to the other or hit the notes in between. I do know my limitations.

Anyway, here goes.


  1. I am so impressed with 1. The way you play the guitar 2. That you sing 3. That you are brave enough to record yourself and share with us (which I'm glad you did!!). This is awesome. Way to go!!

  2. Hi Anita, I am not sure if I remember this song. I didn't listen to a lot of rock music. I listened to more to easy listening and a lot of Motown. I also liked disco music. I like watching you finger movements. There is a little girl I see on Instagram that plays the bass. My granddaughter plays the keyboard at church. Next Sunday is the first time she gets to sing with the praise team. She is 12 and the youngest. Thanks for sharing!


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