Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing

1. Would you rather be the guest or the host?

A. The guest. That way I can leave. I'm not very big on large gatherings.
2. What do you like to wear when you feel fancy?

A. I seldom want to feel fancy. But if I have to dress up, then it's usually in something black.
3. How often do you try something completely new?

A. Most days. I try new guitar arrangements, or a new skill game, a new book, maybe something different with my camera, or a new source of information. Of course, none of that is completely new; I have some skill in all of those areas. I suppose completely new eludes me. I'm not going to learn skiing or anything like that. In the last few years, I've tried knitting (not so good at that) and crocheting (better at that, sort of). 
4. Do you enjoy weddings?

A. Not particularly.
5. Have you ever had something customized?

A. I've had people's initials put on things for presents. But nothing big, like a car.
6. Do you cook spontaneously or meal plan?

A. It's a spontaneous "what is in the cupboard" meal plan.
7. Name some books you like to read over and over.

A. I reread the Lord of the Rings trilogy frequently. Otherwise, I generally do not reread books, although of late I have gone back and picked up some classics I read when I was young. I have a better appreciation for them now.
8. What are you really good at?

A. Writing. Loving. Listening. Feeling. Imagining.
9. Do you sleep with windows open or a fan on?

A. We sleep with the windows closed and an air purifier running to drown out noise. I am a light sleeper, and even the sound of the refrigerator turning off and on in the kitchen will awaken me without some kind of white noise.
10. What is the easiest recipe you know?

A. Boiling an egg. Or maybe making toast. My cheeseball recipe is pretty easy and it's tasty: 2 bars of cream cheese, 2 1/2 cups of grated sharp cheddar cheese, a Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix, and a bag of bacon bits. Mix it all up together, then roll in pecans.
11. Are you comfortable starting conversation with strangers?

A. It depends on my mood, but generally I can manage it.
12. Do you prefer quiet, or ambient noise when you relax?

A. Quiet, or a little music.
13. Who is your most adventurous or exciting friend?

A. My most adventurous friend recently passed away. She had been to all 50 states in the USA before she died.
14. What do you eat when you can’t decide what to eat?

A. Peanut butter crackers.
15. Do you have any funny pet stories?

A. Not really, no.


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  1. I am copying down your cheesball recipe right now....

  2. I love cheeseballs. I should try to make one. Loved your answers! Have a nice day. ♥

  3. The cheeseball recipe is a keeper.

    I am very sorry for the loss of your friend.

  4. Yum on that cheeseball recipe! Might have to try it. So sorry about the loss of your friend, but what an accomplishment for her to have seen all the 50 states!! If I have a choice between quiet and any type of noise, quiet always wins. I truly thrive on it :)

    Have a nice rest of the day!


  5. someone else who loves peanut butter.

  6. enjoyed your answers! I didn't put this in my answer but when I read your answer about the peanut butter crackers I had a "aha" moment. We keep a package of ritz peanut butter crackers (the box with several packs of 6 crackers each) on our shelf. We throw a pack in the car when we are taking a day trip. We packed a bunch when we went to Ireland. I've always taken some to Israel. The are an easy meal or snack.

  7. #2 -- Have you ever read Sue Grafton's "Alphabet" mysteries (A Is for Alibi, B Is for Burglar ...)? Her protagonist, Kinsey Milhone, had an LBD (little black dress) that was her go-to for dinner parties and funerals. You sound like her. :)

    1. Oh yes, I have read all of the Alphabet mysteries. I'd forgotten about the LBD, though!

  8. I'm a big fan of pb crackers as well. I even have to hide them from my husband. Have an enjoyable week!


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