Saturday, January 22, 2022

Saturday 9: I'm the Only One

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

Wow, a MLE song! Yay! One of my favorites!

1) Melissa Etheridge sings this song as though her heart is breaking. What's your favorite love song? Is it about falling in love, being in love, or losing love?

A. I don't have a favorite love song. But I like I Only Have Eyes for You. I think that's a lovely old song. Or Longer, by Dan Fogelberg. We had that one played at our wedding. Or We've Only Just Begun, by the Carpenters. Or Angie, by the Rolling Stones. Or I Will Always Love You, by Whitney Houston (Dolly Parton wrote it, you know).

2) "I'm the Only One" is a favorite song of American Idol contestants, having been performed four different times. If we were to have a Saturday 9 karaoke night, what song would you do?

A. Well, it wouldn't be I'm the Only One. I can't sing it. I could do You Can Sleep While I Drive if I wanted to do a Melissa Etheridge song. But I'd probably go back to the 70s and do Best of My Love or Take It Easy by the Eagles.

3) A rocker at heart, Melissa Etheridge began her career in her teen years, playing with local country groups. Which do you enjoy more: country or rock?

A. Rock. I grew up listening to country but as soon as I was old enough to find the American Top 40, that was the end of my listening to country music days.

4) In 1985, Melissa sent a demo to Olivia Records, hoping for a record deal. She was rejected. Her debut CD was released in 1988 on the Island label and went gold. Tell us about a time you bounced back from professional adversity.

A. I was fired from a job at a law firm for reasons that had nothing to do with my performance and everything to do with the lawyer and the paralegal worrying that I had realized they were having an affair. I decided not to continue in the legal field and started working as a freelance writer. While I did not make big bucks doing that, I made enough, and I was much happier.

5) In her personal life, Melissa has faced major challenges, including breast cancer and the death of her son. She credits music with helping her heal emotionally. What gives you strength?

A. My husband, family, and friends, writing in my journal, and music.

6) Melissa is a vegetarian, so her diet emphasizes plant-based foods like fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables. What was your most recent meal? Would it qualify as vegetarian?

A. My most recent meal was a Boost drink. I'm not sure what that qualifies as.

7) In 1993, the year this song was popular, a massive storm dropped a record 56" of snow in Mount Le Conte, TN. Have you done much shoveling this winter?

A. We have done a good bit of shoveling. We've had two snows. The last one dropped about 8 inches of snow and a layer of sleet/ice. It's still hanging around, but we had a warmer day today and some of it has melted off the driveway.

8) One of the most popular movies of 1993 was A Few Good Men, starring Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson, who famously said, "You can't handle the truth!" What's the most recent movie you watched?

A. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I'm watching it when I walk on the treadmill. I can't hear the TV over the treadmill, and I can make the closed captioning work on the movie on the DVD player. I can't make it work on the TV without practically doing handstands to figure it out. Frankly, I'd rather watch something else even though I love these movies, but this will have to do.

9) Random question: Dessert is on us! Describe your perfect ice cream sundae.

A. A hot fudge sundae. Vanilla ice cream, thick gooey hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. I haven't had one since I was 12 and learned I couldn't drink milk. It is on my bucket list to find a really good one and eat it.

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  1. As soon as I saw the album I thought of you! I did not grow up listening to country music here is So Ca. I grew up with a lot of music, at home, church and school. There are a lot of non dairy ice cream choices now.

  2. Dolly first performed I Will Only Love You for her TV partner, Porter Wagoner, when she left his syndicated show. She sang it again in the movie Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Her version is so much more subdued than Whitney's! When asked about Whitney's, she said she loved it and appreciated how much the public loves Whitney's version and she hasn't performed it since. I think that's a shame.

    Isn't it cool that being fired led you to your forever career?

    1. I watched a special on TV not too long ago, Kenny Rogers threw himself a retirement party. He died shortly after the show was recorded. One of the best moments was folly Parton singing to him. The song? “I will always love you.” I found it on YouTube.

  3. Any of the Eagles' songs would be good karaoke choices. Everyone knows the words and could sing along. Journals do help. I've kept one for most of my life. I often use them to work through things that are on my mind or do a brain dump...they are safe places to drop what you probably shouldn't say out loud to another person.

  4. #3 Ah yes, Casey Kasem Top 40, sitting at McDonalds listening to him.

  5. Love The Two Towers. The Riders of Rohan, and the Battle of Helms Deep....spectacular.

  6. We've had a major deep freeze here. Today was -26 degrees when I got up. Too cold to snow.

  7. Can you have a frozen custard sundae instead of ice-cream? I love those just as much as ice-cream.
    Every now and then I will hear a re-play of Casey Kasem and AT40 on the radio. I love his voice. Loved your answers!
    Have a nice weekend. ♥

  8. The Eagles are just as good as it gets. Love those bands like Poco, Loggins & Messina, Pure Praiey League, etc. Terrific genre.

  9. I didn't know that Dolly Parton wrote "I Will Always Love You." Learned (again) something new today :) I do like the song "Take it Easy". We sort of named our corgi after it :) (Also because we live in Arizona and his official AKC name is Winslow's Corner of Arizona). I'm not much of a country music fan; I do tend to gravitate more to rock myself :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  10. how many times have you seen "Lord of the Rings" ?

  11. I shouldn't eat ice cream, though I still will now and again. But, I have found some truly delicious substitutes for it at Trader Joes.
    You are one of the strongest women I know. Thank you for being you! We two should go on a march together! We can both rent motorized wheel chairs!
    LOTR is just something that deserves to be watched over and over and OVER! heehee


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