Monday, December 06, 2021

The Union Prom

My husband was a firefighter and member of the local firefighter's union for almost 40 years. We never once went to the Union Reward Banquet (aka Union Ball or Union Prom).

Until Saturday.

Saturday night we went because my husband had retired in 2020, and there was no Union Ball in 2020 because of the pandemic.

So, all of the retirees were honored Saturday night. There were quite a lot of them, though less than half of them came to the "Union Prom" to receive their chrome-plated axe.

Here are photos from the event:

Me trying to be "artsy" with the cellphone camera.

My husband and his cousin with their retirement axes.

My husband had served the longest. When he retired, he was
the second-longest serving member of the fire department.

All of the retired firefighters who showed up to claim their retirement axe.

My husband, his cousin, and some fellow I don't know with their axes.

My husband's cousin and his wife. We sat with them.

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