Tuesday, December 07, 2021

I Wimped Out

A while back, I said I was going to replace my cellphone battery myself.

I wimped out and took it to Batteries Plus this morning instead. It cost more to fix it, but at least I felt more comfortable knowing they likely wouldn't break the phone.

However, the screen protector cover on my cellphone case is now bleary. I removed the case and the cover before I left the house to take it to the store. I didn't realize the cell phone screen protector cover had sticky stuff on the back. I may have been able to have left that on there, I don't know. I'm not sure what the fellow had to do to get the battery in.

Of course, in removing things, I touched the sticky stuff, so now the screen on my phone isn't as clear as I would like. Not to mention I left it sticky side up, and it's four years old, so dust has settled on it, and it's stuck there, too.

I tried to blow the sticky side clean with a can of air, but that didn't help.

The screen protector being a bit unclean doesn't really affect anything on the phone. Perhaps I should buy an entirely new case, but my phone is an iPhone 5SE (1st generation 2016) and I would have to order it. They're not cheap, either. They've gone way up since I bought my phone in 2017.

It looks like the best cases are otterbox, but I'm not sure of that and will need to do more research before I make a purchase. 

The one I have is supposedly military grade, but I bought it from Zazzle at the time and it's been discontinued. This case has held up well as it and the now-bleary screen protector have been on the phone since 2017 without a problem. It's certainly been a good case.

At least I have a new battery. Hopefully I can continue to use this phone for a few more years, until they do away with 4G, anyway.

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