Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Hunting With My Camera

It's hunting season here in Virginia, which means my man is off on the hinter parts of the farm looking for that elusive buck.

Meanwhile, I took the photos below from the house this morning. This one will live another day.

He's a pretty deer. I'm glad I was the one doing the "shooting" and not my husband.


  1. Great pictures and I am glad he didn't get killed off.

  2. What a beautiful creature. Glad you "caught" him. Hubs and I had an interesting convo about subsistence hunting the other day. Not in the Native American sense, which is where lot's of people's minds go, but in the "people" sense. Lots of people subsistence hunt or fish. They load their freezers, use all or almost all of the animal, and so forth. Do ya'll eat the deer he hunts? Just out of curiosity, no judgment here.

    1. Yes, we eat deer meat. I don't care for it much but my husband likes it. We have also donated deer to the state's Hunters for the Hungry program, which feeds homeless people. We do not waste them.


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