Monday, October 25, 2021

Lost In Love

This is a cover of the song Lost in Love by Air Supply. I go off-key a little bit in one place and there's a guitar error near the end, but what the hey. I've never claimed to be a professional at this. My asthma doesn't help; I could tell it was bothering me when I made the video.

Somebody out there needs to see an overweight woman who can't sing that well strumming a guitar this morning, right? I mean, if I can put myself out there, everyone can.

Anyway, this uses a RC-3 Loop Station and has two guitar recordings on it and it is supplying the drum beat. One of the guitars was an electric Epiphone Les Paul Special and the other was an amplified acoustic Yamaha FG-150, which I am playing as I sing, so essentially there are three guitars on this song, all of which I played, including the error.

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  1. Your weight has nothing to do with who you are. Don't put yourself in the "overweight" box. Put yourself in the "singer/songwriter" box and live free.


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