Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saturday 9: Lights

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song was inspired by a young Ellie Goulding's fear of the dark. What scared you when you were a kid?

A. Yelling, people throwing things, and ghosts.
2) She thinks back to the room where her brother and sister slept and she felt safe. Did you share a room when you were growing up?

A. No. Well, if you don't count the ghost, I didn't.

3) Ellie Goulding grew up in public housing and worked her way through the University of Kent in Canterbury. Back in those days, her favorite job was theater usher because it offered her the perk of seeing plays for free. What's the most recent "freebie" you scored? (This includes a buy one/get one deal, extra points on your credit card, etc.)

A. We get points on the grocery card and my husband bought gasoline for 82 cents a gallon the other day. He filled up his truck and all of the cans we had here for gas for the lawnmower and other implements.
4) Even though today she is an international music star, Ellie still lives modestly. She describes herself as "still in university mode," and limits herself to $10/day for lunch. Where do you economize?

A. We don't eat out much, and I use the same trash bag in my office trash can for months at time by taking in into the kitchen and dumping its contents into the big trash can there. I use the plastic bags from the grocery store for trash bags in the smaller cans. Frankly, I consider $10 a day for lunch to be extravagant.

5) Ellie has proclaimed herself "a cat lady" and often posts pictures of her cats to her Instagram account. What's the most recent photo you took?

I took a picture of Mars.

6) Ellie appeared on Sesame Street. She, Elmo and Abby thanked clouds for raindrops, lakes, and the water we drink. Would you be thankful for a little rain this weekend?

A. Yes. We need rain.

7) In 2011, the year "Lights" was a hit, Prince William married Kate Middleton. Ellie not only attended the wedding, she sang Elton John's "Your Song" for the couple's first dance. Tell us a song that reminds you of a romance in your life.

A. Dan Folgerberg's Longer is the song I share with my husband.

8) Also in 2011, AT&T abandoned their attempt to buy T-Mobile. Which company is your cell phone carrier? Are you happy with them?

A. AT&T and yes, I am happy with them.

9) Random question: What recent experience made you feel old?

A. Getting out of bed.

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  1. I guess it depends on where you live. Friday I spent $8.80 at McDonald's for a Big Mac, fries and Coke and didn't feel like Duchess of Cambridge or anything.

    "Longer," that's so sweet. And it's turned out to be true, which makes the story even nicer.

    1. I guess it was the "every day" thing that threw me. I tend to eat frugally anyway - I get the jr. cheeseburger at Wendy's for $1.49 and a cup of water. We do have a lower cost of living than Chicago. (Also lower pay, but I digress.)

  2. I felt the same about the lunch money. Once a week, okay, but every day (assuming M-F) that's $50 a week! I could buy a lot of food for that money and pack way more than 5 lunches. Unfortunately, it's an economy my husband and I don't agree on. I use my office garbage bag over, too...and it's just a Walmart bag to begin with.

  3. I do the same thing with grocery bags and transferring the trash into the "big" can, lol.

  4. I think $10 seems like a lot for lunch. I am making a tuna salad sandwich today for lunch. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  5. you slept with a ghost in the house? I need to hear the story! Love that song

  6. (I think I accidentally erased the comment I was making). I can hardly wait for Sunday Stealing so we can find out more about your ghost.

    I can't remember the last time we paid less than $4 for gas. I think we are at about $3.50 now (but I haven't been past a gas station, so I'm not sure)

    I had to laugh at when you feel old. If I think about it, I probably feel old when I get up too!

  7. I agree that $10 for lunch is a lot for a daily basis. I didn't realize packing my own lunch for school was being economical. :)

  8. Brrr. Cold hard rage in that first catagory, too.
    We had a ghost in the first house we bought. She came here for a time when we moved here. She had died in the house of liver cancer. I think she came with us because I invited her in my mind. She moved books on the bookcases.
    It is getting really hard to get up in the morning, but then I'll be 78 in three more months. lol
    I hope you have a lovely week. Thanks for the tip - I'm sure it can be made to work again... so, I'll be working on fixing the coding on the blog.

  9. I do the same with trash bags and it saves a lot I think. You need rain and we have no end to it! It always seems backwards.


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