Monday, October 26, 2020

A Bird Book

The greatest brother ever, Loren, surprised me with a 7-pound book on birds last week. I've taken up birdwatching and apparently he decided to get me a better birding book before I did. I have a small field guide here but it doesn't have many birds in it.

This book is loaded with birds.

Many thanks to my beloved brother!


  1. What a nice gift! I am sure it will keep you busy the next few months.

  2. That is a beautiful book! And you have a beautiful Brother.

    Cornell has an app. I use it a lot because, well, it's amazing. Also, it has the songs and calls of each bird. Also, with a cell phone, you can make recordings of the song you hear, take pictures of the bird, and you can submit them on either Cornell or the Audubon phone app and get an ID. It's the best thing about having a cell phone imho...


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