Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kousa Dogwood Tree

I have discovered the name of the tree from my post on Saturday. This is called a kousa dogwood tree.

The kousa dogwood, also called Japanese flowering dogwood, is becoming a good replacement for the traditional white flowering dogwood because the kousa is more disease resistant. The tree also requires little water.

The tree is considered an ornamental tree, although apparently the fruit is edible. One description likened it to a persimmon and said the fruit from mature trees is bigger and sweeter.

Apparently in China and Japan the fruit of this tree is widely used. I found references to wines and jams made from the fruit, as well as a notation stating the leaves are edible, too.

From the looks of this large tree in this old cemetery, the tree has been in the US for a while.


  1. Thanks for identifying this tree! I had been curious about it since your original post. The spotted fruit is so unusual.

  2. We had a kousa dogwood, but it never bloomed and it finally died. I think it didn't like being in a cold, windy spot.

  3. I've seen kousa dogwoods in the spring, but had never noticed this fruit in the fall. So interesting that the fruit is edible. I'm particularly fascinated to hear that it tastes like persimmons as I've been looking for persimmons to make my Grandma's persimmon pudding. We have a persimmon tree, but the fruit is so tiny and filled with seeds that there is very little pulp.

    Thanks for the great information, Anita.


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