Friday, October 29, 2010

The Bolton Cemetery

When you live on a farm that has been in operation since before 1800, there is a bit of history there.

A piece of that history lies on the ridge. We call it Cemetery Hill because that is where the Bolton Cemetery is.

The cemetery is in a state of disrepair.

The stone reads:

The soul has now taken its flight
To mansions of glory above.
To mingle with angels of light
And walk in the kingdom of love.

This stone says: In remembrance of Mary K. Bolton, Born May 1, 1821, Died May 19, 1915. I am not able to read the epitaph below.

This stone has four names around it, apparently children of Henry Bolton. The farm, called Rose Hill Farm, was once owned by the Boltons. These people are some relation to my husband's family.

I had not been near this cemetery in years. I did not realize it was in such a sorry state.

Not particularly spooky, eh?


  1. Very neat to have a cemetery on your property. Wonder if there are any ghosties? I dare you to go sit out there on Halloween night.


  2. go and take the snaps in the dark then ask us if it's spooky.


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