Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

1. My husband arrived home from work this morning (he spends the night at the firestation) and said he had helpers coming to assist with the hay-making. I need to feed them all lunch. I had no bread, because we try not to eat bread as a weight-watching strategy.

2. I had to make an emergency run to the grocer for bread, sandwich meats, and cookies. You can't make hay in the rain or on an empty stomach.

3. There is an organization called that seeks to end hunger.

4. Bread is also the name of a 1970s band that I liked when I was a child. They had a mellow sound and if I hear them today (which happens infrequently) I immediately go back to my pre-teen days.

5. During the holidays I sometimes make bread from frozen bread dough.

6. I have made bread by hand a few times but the frozen bread dough is a lot easier.

7. I grew up eating white bread. Rainbow Bread was the favorite brand. Not the Rainbow Bread that has swirly colors, (which until I looked up Rainbow bread on the internet moments ago I did not know existed) but plain white bread in a rainbow-colored wrapper. I believe it was made locally and I don't think it is available anymore.

8. After we married, my husband and I ate generic white bread. Store brand, etc. It cost about 50 cents a loaf.

9. Today I bought Nature's Own wheat bread and paid $2.69 for each loaf.

10. We stopped eating bread all the time in 2005, when my husband went on the Atkin's Diet. I have since found out I don't tolerate wheat well, so it's just not a commodity we use.

11. I buy only four or five loaves of bread a year now, as opposed to the one every 10 days that we once ate.

12. Rice bread is no substitute for wheat bread. I tried it and unfortunately it was a lot like trying to eat a piece of pig iron.

13. My husband's favorite non-sandwich bread is zucchini bread. If we have an abundance of zucchini from the garden, I will make him some as a special treat. Go zucchini!


  1. Remember when bread was money? It sounded so hip back then but now sounds as corny as groovy (which by the way I never did say because I thought it was corny even back then).

    I barely ever eat bread. Because of my fatigue issues I have to limit carbs because they make me so tired. I do eat half a stone ground bagel with my eggs in the morning. Have you ever checked out the Shwarzbein Principle? It's the best food/diet book around, better than Atikns but it is sort of aligned with that regarding protein, good fats and minimal carbs.

    Yes, the birds have moved on to summer activities. Some readers have too.

  2. I love me bread. I really really miss my Italian bread. I miss smelling the bread baking early in the morning from all the bakeries in Brooklyn. I miss Brooklyn.

  3. Colleen: Thanks for the book referral, I will check that out.

    M.E. - you sound very homesick!

  4. Nor is spelt bread a good substitute for wheat bread. Or 100% rye.


  5. I attempted some speltz cereal and got sick. I couldn't decide if it was coincidence with pollen or not, so I have not again attempted speltz. White bread is very hard to replace.


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