Monday, May 05, 2014

Hello Gorgeous!

Of course after I discovered my car had an expensive issue, I needed a new vehicle.

So say hello to Gorgeous!

She's a brand new 2014 Toyota Camry SE.

She had 54 miles on her when we made the purchase, all, I suppose, from test drives.

White is actually our preferred color of vehicle, and this is exactly the car I'd planned to purchase - two years or so from now.

She's got a faux leather interior. The storage space is more limited because she's got all of that computer/smart phone gizmos. That's my only complaint. (I don't have a smart phone so I am not sure what to do with all of that stuff. Maybe one day.)

However, I think once I am used to her, and figured out where things go, Gorgeous and I shall have a long and happy life together.


  1. Wow! Great car. I'm jealous☺️

  2. The name fits your new ride, Anita, and may this be the start of a beautiful relationship for many years of fun driving adventures.

  3. It's VERY pretty. Hope it takes you to some fun destinations!


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