Sunday, May 04, 2014

Bye Bye Blue . . .

So the other week when I was feeling bad and in the middle of fighting with the health care system over who would be my primary care doctor, I also had to say farewell to an old friend.

My 2003 Toyota Camry developed an expensive issue, and I had to tell her goodbye. I loved that car. But when the fix costs more than the vehicle would trade for, it is time to say farewell.

I drove her in rain, sleet, and snow, and she never failed to get me where I wanted to go.

She had 125,000 miles on her.

I listened to several hundred books on her CD player.

I loved the sound of her engine when I sped down the highway.

Even with some age on her, she still glistened.

Her interior was nice and roomy, too. Lots of storage space. But she's lost to me now.

It's so sad . . .


  1. That is sad. And 125000 is not very much for a Toyota.

  2. Those are good cars. Are you getting another Toyota?

  3. Did she have a name? I tend to name my favorite cars.

  4. You had some good memories from your car, Anita. While my present vehicle is not my favorite of all those I have owned, it is still running and a 2007 model, so hopefully has several, hopefully many, years of service left.

  5. As you say, when the repair costs more than what you'd get in trade, it's time to say goodbye. Hope you love your next car as much as you did this one!


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