Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

Friday I spied this doe asleep under a cedar in the field in front of the house. She had found a bare patch and curled up.

She was there for hours.

*I took these shots with a Nikon through a window with a screen. I wasn't about to flounder through 3-foot snow drifts to try to get a shot outside. So I messed with the pictures a little bit in Picasso to clear them up.*


  1. She must have been exhausted. The deep snows are difficult for some critters to handle... Hope she got a good snooze.

  2. Aww a great capture even through a screen ~ glad you shared it .

  3. How sweet she looks. If you had tried to go out to get the shot, she might have heard and run off. So good thing you stayed in where it was warm!

  4. What an amazing experience. Lovely, really. Through the glass and screen was great. Gave it a misty look.

  5. How sweet! I might have tried stepping outside, but no further for fear of startling her.


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