Friday, March 08, 2013

More Snow Pictures

This is how much snow I measured Wednesday morning on the deck after it snowed Tuesday night.

About midday, the sun tried to peek through.

I might tire of the view from the front door one of these days.

But probably not.

Now *this* is a pretty shot.

I am not anticipating any more snow this year.

After this last hurrah from Ol' Man Winter, I look for Mother Nature to bring out her Spring finery.

Because, you know, it's March.

And while I remember the March 1993 blizzard,


I really don't see it happening again.

I find snow peaceful and calming, for a little while, anyway.

I know that's not true for others.

My husband, for example, has to feed cattle and drive around in it.

But you can't tell me that the boy in him doesn't secretly like to leave tracks in the snow.


  1. Lovely pictures. We only had a dusting two counties away from you—and that dusting didn't last until the afternoon

  2. Beautiful photos! We had 6 to 8 inches in Strasburg, VA.

  3. It's so beautiful in that area when it snows. You, sitting up high, have great views below. Mine won't be so awesome as yours I'm afraid. :)


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