Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday Stealing

1. Are you double jointed?

A. No. I'm not even sure I'm single-jointed in some places where I should be. I am stiff as a board.

2. Are you ticklish?

A. Not really.

3. Do you prefer cookies, cakes, or donuts?

A. Cookies.

4. Did you go to prom? 

A. I did not go to my prom, but I went to a prom. I was a sophomore; my date was a senior.

5. Do you bite your nails?

A. Not anymore. I did up until 2020. It took a pandemic to get me to stop.

6. Do you enjoy dancing?

A. Yes, but I do not know how to dance.

7. Do you forgive easily?

A. I know I don't forget much. Forgive? Mostly.

8. Do you prefer to bathe or shower? 

A. I consider taking a shower to be bathing, but I presume you mean take a bath in a tub versus showering. I prefer to shower.

9. Does your name have any special meaning? 

A. It means "grace."

10. Have you ever gone camping? 

A. Yes, when I was a child.

11. Have you ever won something?

A. I've won numerous writing awards.

12. What did you last eat?

A. A Nature Valley Cashew bar.

13. What's your longest relationship so far?

A. Well, that would be my relationship with my father, since he's known me all my life, and then my aunts and uncles, etc., and then my brother, and then there are some other folks around who have known me a while, and then my husband of over 40 years.

14. Have you ever been on a diet?

A. Of course. Who hasn't?

15. Do you enjoy DIY or crafts?

A. Not particularly, no.


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  1. Fortunately, knowing HOW to dance does not seem to be a requirement. I am grateful.

  2. That is so cool that you have won numerous awards!!

  3. I think I have already responded today but just in case it didn't go through . . .congrats on the writing awards. That is so cool!!

  4. Dancing is always fun, even if you don't know the latest dance.

  5. Well done for your writing awards. I would like to win one of those.




  6. What cookies do you like? A rocky road always nice :D I like how you said you don't forget much, same here!!


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