Saturday, June 15, 2024

Saturday 9: Wait Till You See Him

This song was chosen in honor of Father's Day. Hear it here.

1) This is Nancy Sinatra's celebration of her father, Frank. She singles out the sound of his laugh as something special. Do you know anyone who has a great laugh?

A. Yes. My friend T. has one of the heartiest laughs I've ever heard. I love to hear it.

2) Frank Sinatra recorded this song himself a decade earlier. It was one of more then 1,400 recordings he made over his career. When you think of him, what song comes to mind?

A. When I was 17.

3) Nancy always called her famous father "Daddy," while her younger sister Tina referred to him as "Pop." How did/do you call your father?

A. I call him Dad, usually. Sometimes I call him Pop.

4) Nancy went on to have two daughters of her own. The girls recall that their grandfather was loving and supportive, even when they went through a punk rock phase with spiky hair, lots of leather, and studs. Frank defended their extreme choices as a healthy means of self-expression. Did you have arguments with your parents over your clothes or hair? If you're a parent yourself, have you always approved of your kids' fashion choices?

A. I don't recall arguing too much over my clothing. My mother despaired when I discovered blue jeans and dumped dresses, I think, but I was in middle school by then and I guess she didn't feel like arguing about it. Once I switched to jeans, I never looked back.

5) Back when our own Crazy Sam was in high school, her father gave her driving lessons. What grade would you give your driving today?

A. Probably an A-. I am much more cautious now but suspect my reflexes aren't as strong as they used to be.

6) For family barbecues, Sam's dad dons his "Kiss the Chef" apron and mans the Weber. What's the last thing you grilled?

A. We don't have a grill anymore and haven't had a grill for several years. After some birds nested in it, I threw it away because, well, eww. We didn't replace it.

7) Because he takes his grilling so seriously, Sam once invested in a pair of forged steel tongs for Father's Day. Does anyone on your gift list have a passion that makes them easy to shop for?

A. Not really. My brother and I like similar nerdy things, like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, so sometimes that is helpful.

8) Traditionally the most popular Father's Day gift have been ties, wallets and belts. However experiences -- like tickets to a concert or a sporting event -- are gaining in popularity. Which would you prefer to receive: something to own and hold or an experience to remember?

A. I like experiences, but I have health concerns to consider with that.

9) Random question: Have you recently mistakenly called someone by the wrong name?

A. Not recently. I have done it in the past, though.


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  1. We could not wear pants to school until 9th grade. Even then, we were not allowed to wear jeans to school. I wore both in high school. We wore those stiff 501 jeans that lasted forever. I wore jeans all through college. I still wear them, but they are comfy now. Have a great weekend!

  2. " ... it was a very good year ..." The best thing about Sat9 this week is I have a different Sinatra song running through my mind after I read each response.

  3. #2 It was a very good year when I was seventeen.
    #3 My father’s grand kids called him “Pop pop”
    #5 All my accidents were cased by the other guy.
    Waiting for a car to make a left turn when WHAM the car behind me didn’t stop.
    In a rotary when a car didn’t see me and WHAM.
    Parked in a parking lot when WHAM a car backs into my car and drives off.
    #6 You could have had squab and bird nest soup!

  4. Ewww, indeed. The grill turning into a bird condo is a bit of an appetite killer, for sure!
    I hate having to consider my knee issues when making plans. We did a train ride with the grandkids last month and I didn't consider it. Getting on and off the train was a huge hassle.

  5. Jeans were a great invention. Our school didnt let us wear them ever. I think I would also ditch the bbq after that. To answer your questions to me.. yes I paint almost all my headers and the 9 includes my grandkids!


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