Tuesday, June 18, 2024

And Now This!

It wasn't bad enough that I backed my car into a stump yesterday.

Late in the day, I realized the heat pump had stopped working. Of course, this was on a 90-degree day with excessive heat forecast for the rest of the week.

The heat pump is new; its warranty runs out in a month. I have said since day 1 that there was something wrong with it. We've had them out to check it several times. Over the winter, the emergency heat turned on constantly, and finally in March someone figured out that the factory had left a piston out of the compressor! So, the compressor had been running for about 8 months without a part it needed.

Then we switched to air conditioning. We noticed that when the heat pump shut off, it shuddered and made a loud noise like a truck not hitting gears properly. I've had people out three time about that noise, and so far, they've twice said it was fine that it made that noise. This last fellow said it shouldn't make that noise.

So then yesterday it simply stopped cooling. The man came out just at 5 p.m. and started talking about what he was charging me for, and I informed him very quickly that the thing was under warranty, and he wasn't charging me a darned thing. He wanted to argue with me about it until I showed him the paperwork from where I bought it last year.

He couldn't find anything wrong with it though. Some things weren't reading properly, something to do with the amps it was pulling, but it wasn't something really bad. He ended up running cold water over the unit to cool it off and then it started working and cooling again. However, the air wasn't as cold as it had been (which, in my opinion, was too cold), although later in the evening the very cold air returned.

The service man said he was going to talk to "the boss" about the unit this morning, but who knows if he actually did that. People seldom do what they say they are going to.

Every time I turn around, something is breaking or broken.

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  1. Can you get a new one since this one has never worked and it's still under warranty? They don't put the care into making things like they used to.


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