Friday, April 12, 2024

For the Birds

The winds last night howled so that I thought the end of the house was going to rip off the foundation. I do not recall such winds in my youth. Now it seems that every time we get a front through, the winds are right behind.


I have been watching the eagles at Big Bear in California attempt to raise a clutch. The eggs were not viable and did not hatch. They should have hatched around the first of March. Now it is mid-April, and last night was the first night one of the eagle pair did not sit on the nest. One of the eggs broke yesterday morning, and that seemed to be the end of it. Jackie, as they call the female, had given up on the eggs about five days ago, but Shadow, as they call the male, was determined to continue attempting to raise chicks. He began sleeping on the nest at night. But last night he roosted in a nearby tree with Jackie. When I check the live feed now, I see two small eggs, half buried in nesting material, and a backdrop of a beautiful lake and mountains. It's a lovely view to look at, but the eagles made it interesting. They are quite personable, and each has its own way of doing things. They both like sticks, however, and generally returned to the nest each time with a stick to add to the pile. I don't know if they will continue to add sticks and work on the nest over the summer. From what the moderators of the live feed say, the female is only able to lay eggs from January through March. I will check in occasionally to see what's going on.


We have another bag of feed for the birds, one we bought some months ago. We usually stop feeding them about now, but last year we attempted to carry over a bag of feed and it molded. So once the wind stops blowing, we need to fill the feeder again so we can rid ourselves of this bag of food. Once it is gone, the birds will have to wait until late September or early October for more goodies. The bird feed is too expensive to waste.


And let's end this weird little post on a lovely note:

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  1. The Big Bear nest is about 90 minutes from me. I like the guitar playing. My granddaughter is learning guitar now. She already plays the keyboard.


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