Friday, January 27, 2023

Sunset Poems

 A ChatGPT poem about sunset:

The sun dips below the horizon,
A fiery orb of orange and red,
The sky a canvas painted in hues
Of pink, purple, and deep blue spread.

The world is bathed in a golden light,
As day turns into night,
A symphony of colors play
In the sky, a natural sight.

The clouds, like cotton candy swirls,
Add texture to the scene,
A peaceful calm descends upon us
As the world is bathed in serene.

The chirping birds bid us adieu,
As they seek their resting place,
The gentle sway of trees,
Adds grace to this peaceful space.

As the last rays of sunlight fade,
We bid farewell to the day,
But the memories of this sunset,
Will forever here stay.

My poem about sunset:

The fiery orb paints a swath
of pink and purple as clouds
populate the darkening sky.

Evening begins with spectacular promise
as the gold of the day 
grows dim and sublime.

You take my hand in yours
its warmth like the sun in my palm.
I surrender as you move close
for a kiss.

So, which is better? I won't be upset if you say the AI poem. I took all of five minutes to write mine, after all.


  1. I'm sorry but I'm too terrified to judge. Yet I'm dying to play with the program. Did you download it or were you able to get a free trial?

  2. Well of course, the first thing I did was to Google ChatGPT. Was it on CBS Sunday Morning I heard about this kind of thing? I'm amazed! I'll do a blog about the all-too-real problem I posed to it (I want to call it "her", I guess because of my dealings with Alexa).


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