Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing

1. When did you last sing to yourself?

A. I sing to myself all the time. So like, a minute ago.

2. If you’re male, would you ever rock black nail polish? if you’re female, would you ever rock really really short hair?

A. I don't want really short hair.

3. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

A. Probably my marriage, followed by my work with the newspaper. Somewhere in those thousands (maybe a million?) of words, there must be some truth someplace.

4. What is the first happy memory that comes to mind, recent or otherwise?

A. A hug from my brother on Christmas Eve, even though I was sad and crying at the time.

5. If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living?

A. Probably not.

6. Do you have a bucket list? if so, what are the top three things?

A. I don't have a bucket list.

7. How do you feel about tattoos and piercings?

A. I don't care what other people do to their bodies.

8. Do you feel you had a happy childhood?

A. Nope.

8. When did you last cry in front of another person?

A. Not that long ago.

9. Who in the world would you most like to receive a letter from and what would you want it to say?

A. I'd like to receive a letter from somebody rich telling me they've decided to share their fortune with me. Oh, wait, I get those in my spam folder all the time. How about a letter from just anyone telling me I did a good job when I wrote for the newspaper? The compliments were few and far between.

10. What is your nighttime routine?

A. I go to bed.

11. When was your last 3am conversation with someone, and who were they to you?

A. That would have been my husband on Wednesday night.

12. If you were about to die, and you could only say one more sentence to one person, what would you say and to whom?

A. Knowing me, I would say I'm sorry, because I am always apologizing even if I don't know why.

13. What is your opinion on brown eyes?

A. I don't have an opinion on them.

14. Pick a quote and describe what it means to you personally.

A. "Jesus wept." It's from the Bible. It means Jesus cried. Personally, it is tied to a memory. When I was 12, my brother was hurt in a farm accident. As my father drove home from the hospital with me in the car (my mother stayed with my brother), my father said, "I'm sorry you had to see your ol' dad cry." And I responded, "That's okay, Daddy. Jesus cried too."

15. What would you title the autobiography of your life so far?

A. Eye of the Lionness: A Survivor's Story


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  1. You are so right about the letter. I would like that too.

    Love the title. I would read it!!

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Like that title. We could use some good survivor stories in this world. Yup, we women apologize far too much for far too little.

  3. When I was in Bible study in high school, we were supposed to memorize Bible verses. One picked John 11:35

  4. Over here we say sorry a lot. We're famous for it. I say it all the time without knowing why!





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