Monday, January 30, 2023

A DVT? or a SVT?

I had a visit with my primary care doctor this morning. I had tried to see her Friday, but couldn't get in.

While I have been having issues with earaches (apparently dry ear canals?), the main reason for the visit was a pain in the calf of my leg.

Wednesday night as I was preparing for bed, I felt something go in my calf. It felt like a razor blade ripped up my leg, actually.

I'd felt this before, and it was an SVT, or a Superficial Vein Thrombosis. This has occurred twice before. Both times I'd gone for the Doppler ultrasound, and it was negative, but it was also at least a week to 10 days after it had occurred.

This time I was trying to get on top of it quicker. My primary care doctor hadn't seen me the first time; I'd seen her nurse practitioner. The second time I waited about two weeks before I finally went in to see my PCP and the knot had disappeared though it was still painful. 

This time, my PCP could feel the knot in my leg. That, along with swelling, made her suggest another Doppler ultrasound, but I countered with the D dimer blood test instead. After some thinking, she agreed.

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the blood test results. I think it is a vein issue, like a varicose vein thing, maybe, or perhaps mild phlebitis (which is inflammation of the veins).

The last time I had this, I drank beet juice to try to help, but I haven't had any of that in a while. As far as natural remedies go, beet juice is the only thing I've found. There really aren't any natural cures for what ails me.

Just time.

I do hope it's not a DVT, though. A deep vein thrombosis would not be good.


  1. I hope thy get the results soon and all is well.

  2. I hope it is the lesser of the two evils and that it heals quickly!

  3. Fingers crossed it's not any kind of thrombosis.

  4. I had something similar, along with inflammation in my right calf, and my doctor feared DVT. Nope! Turns out the problem was my back, and those sharp, sudden, stabbing pains were just my nerves crying out for mercy. So don't let Dr. Google scare you. It could be something else entirely that's easy to treat.


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