Wednesday, May 18, 2022

New(ish) Gnome

This firefighter gnome came to live with us years ago. Maybe 15 years ago or more, I don't remember. I don't know where I bought him or what I paid for him.

The gnome

He was looking his age, though. All the color was gone from his hat, and his boots were all scraped up. Otherwise, he was in good shape.

I brought him inside and washed him off, scrubbing him with one of those smiling scrubby things, which took off even more paint.

I sat him aside, but over the last week, I've been repainting him.

Now he looks like this:

The gnome repainted!

Side/rear shot of Mr. Firefighter Gnome

Ta dah!

Now to find some clear coat paint to finish him off, and then he'll go back out into what used to be the rose garden, but which now is a rock garden.

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