Saturday, December 04, 2021

Saturday 9: Got My Mind Set

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) George Harrison sings that he requires money, patience and time. Which of those three do you wish for most this morning?

A. Money.

2) This was long one of George's favorite songs. He first heard it back in September 1963 -- months before the Beatles became an international phenomenon -- when he visited his sister in Benton, IL. Is there a song that reminds you of a trip you took?

A. Not really, although I was traveling with my parents across the US and we were in some really flat state with cornfields when we heard that Elvis Presley passed away. Elvis songs remind me of that.
3) For years, George thought his birthday was February 25. When he was 17, he saw his birth certificate and learned he was really born on the 24th. His mother explained that he was born just before midnight on the 24th and she didn't get to hold him until early morning on the 25th, so she considered the 25th as his birthday. Do you know any interesting stories about the day you were born?

A. According to my mother, I didn't want her. She held me and I kicked and stretched and she knew right away that I didn't love her because I didn't meet her expectations of melting in her arms or something. Also, I had a big mole on my chest in the shape of a bullet, so she took that as a sign that my father should quit the police force (he eventually did) because a bullet would kill him.

4) When George was just 14, he met Paul McCartney on a bus en route to school. Tell us about a time when you met someone who ended up changing your life.

A. I met my husband on a bus route to school, too, but he doesn't remember it. Later we met again underneath the goal posts of the football field while watching the interschool rivalry game on Friday, October 15, 1982. He asked me out.

5) Then 17, John Lennon was not interested in letting George perform with his band. He dismissed George as too young. Paul insisted George get a chance and the rest, as they say, is history. Tell us about someone who stood up for you and helped you succeed.

A. Many of my teachers "stood up for me" from time to time over various and sundry things. I was a good but troubled student, and most of them knew that.
6) In the 1970s, George took up gardening. He said that clearing away weeds and overgrowth helped him clear his head, and he was very proud of his jasmine flowers. What's your hobby? Why do you enjoy it?

A. I play guitar. I love to make music and write music, and create new sounds, and learn old sounds, and challenge myself to do better.

7) He also enjoyed playing ukulele and encouraged others to do the same. George often gave ukuleles as birthday and Christmas gifts. What's the last gift you received?

A. A friend brought me a Covid-19 test kit on Thursday. Her time and effort to get me that was a great gift, and I was glad to get the test kit. (I tested negative.)

8) At the Academy Awards in spring 1976, another George was in the news. George Burns won an Oscar for his performance in The Sunshine Boys. Who was in the last movie you watched?

A. The last movie I watched was Dune and I have no idea who was in it.

9) What's the last thing you dropped? Did it break?

A. My cellphone, and no, it didn't break. I have it in one of those military grade cases.

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  1. Wow! Your parents put an awful lot of pressure on little baby you.

  2. Your baby story is so sad.

    What kind of COVID test were you able to take from home? Do you have to send it somewhere to be scored?

    1. It's an at-home test and you have to have a Facetime/zoom call with the company. You have to ID your QR code and they have to watch you open the box and swab yourself. Then they go away and leave a timer set for 15 minutes. They come back and you show them the swab and the gel you've put it in, and they tell you if it's positive or negative.

  3. When I popped in I read your post about your friend B...I am so very sorry to hear that she passed. I bet your text was a nice part of her day.
    #3...I agree with Gal and that is way too much to expect from a little baby. (((HUGS)))!!! ♥

  4. I have the military grade case too. I drop that thing way too much not to.

  5. I have had 3 Covid test, all negative. I hope things were okay between you and your mother.

  6. Last when I had a bad cold, first thought COVID! So I went to get tested and the results were negative.

  7. Loved you friendship story..just read it. And, so glad you tested negative!
    Your story about your mother and you when you were a newborn baby is sad. Something similar happened with my first daughter, but after a forced separation of four weeks when she was a year old. It happens, and sometimes it doesn't ever go right.


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