Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday Thirteen

1. History has turned a page. Or has it? I feel like we're in the midst of historical changes, like a zephyr is nudging us in the wrong direction, softly, silently, until we wake up in another world.

2. Dismayed is not the word for how I felt when I read the former guy's dissing of Colin Powell. Why be crude and rude when someone dies? Is this is how a narcissist with no empathy for anyone else reacts when the attention is not upon him?

3. I have been listening to Air Supply and Bread lately. I find them calming voices from my past. It makes me smile to think of the young girl I was, twittering with my friends over the words and the smoothness of these voices. Did we swoon with the release of each new song? They were the Ariana Grandes of my time.

4. Speaking of Ariana Grande, I had never heard of her  I posted about her on Saturday 9 but paid little attention to her until she began judging on The Voice this season. I have listened to some of her music since, and can only conclude I am now the old person who shakes her head at what the young folks are listening to these days. Although she knows her stuff, I give her that. She's been a great coach.

5. Other TV shows I've been watching include Survivor, which I have watched since it first came on although I have no idea why or why I continue to watch it, Supergirl, which is not ending its final season on the best of notes so far, Stargirl, which I sometimes find confusing, and . . . that's about it. I am looking forward to seeing Dune on HBO Max this weekend.

6. Poems are eluding me. I have been trying to write poetry for some weeks now and failing miserably at it. I have one good line and I don't know what to do with it.

7. Christmas shopping has also been on my mind. I've been trying to take care of this as quickly as possible because of shortages. My list constantly diminishes as children grow up and move on, and folks die, and others are simply inaccessible for whatever reason. I remember when we bought mountains of presents to give away, and now it's just a little trickle.

8. Tomorrow I may climb a mountain. Not really. I'm in no shape to climb a mountain, you see, but I may be able to take a trolley up. It depends on the weather, as well.

9. There's a meteor shower going on until November, with the pinnacle last night. But surely some other night will bring me a shooting star, right?

10. The Shooting Star was the name of the roller coaster at Lakeside when I was young. That was an amusement park that began in Salem in the 1930s or thereabouts. It was the place to go the summer I was 17 - every weekend they had a rotation of musicians coming through to play under the pavilion and I went to all sorts of shows, unbeknownst to my parents. They weren't much on asking what I was doing and the shows were over about 9:30 or so, so I wasn't out late and I was always with a friend. I heard a lot of country music stars then - I wish I could find a list somewhere of artists who played there as it would considerably broaden my personal list of musical concerts I have attended. Lakeside closed around 1986; they could not remake themselves after most of the park was underwater during the devastating Flood of 1985.

11. Fleetwood Mac is playing while I write this. Chain, keep us together. I wonder what chains will keep this nation together, rounding back to my original thoughts. Are we bound? Or has Atlas Shrugged and we've nothing left to bind us together as a people?

12. As my poor readers can see, my mind is all over the place tonight. (I'm writing this Wednesday night.) Scattered and shattered thoughts are simply pouring through me, and I don't seem to have a grasp on a single topic. But that's ok. This is a roving Thursday Thirteen, a buffet of my brain. I hope something is of interest.

13. I think we mispronounce Wednesday. We pronounce WinsDay. It looks like it should be pronounced Wed-nes-day. I know, a strange thing to end on, but words are weird and sometimes I think about them too much. 

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here if you want to read other Thursday Thirteens and/or play along. I've been playing for a while and this is my 727th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday. Or so sayth the Blogger counter, anyway.


  1. I have been thinking about holiday shopping, too. I've ordered a few things, but am not really in panic mode. Our daughter has requested everyone give her kids "experiences" (passes for museums, amusement parks, and such) rather than a bunch of toys that will end up getting lost in the avalanche of gifts.
    I don't generally do sci-fi these days, but I saw the trailer for Dune at the movies this week and it looked pretty intriguing.
    I've been the old lady when it comes to music for a while now. I think it happened about the same time I realized the music of my youth now makes up the play list for the oldies station and what is piped out in stores when I'm shopping.
    If you want to read a really interesting book that takes a non-political look at how we've reached the great divide in this country, check out Alienated America by Tim Carey.

  2. Dune is releasing tonight--I can't wait, a day earlier than expected (I read somewhere). It's my favorite book of all time. I loved Bread as a teen, I remember listening to their album over and over as I lay on the carpet in my room and daydreamed.

  3. I pronounce it Whens-day, a Boston pronunciation. I hope I live to see the former guy jailed or obsolete in every way. I wait for heroes every day who will tell the truth about him.

  4. Before it got to be habit, I would say to myself, "Wed-nes-day" to spell it correctly. I'm like Colleen, it's Whens- day here on the west coast.
    Oh, I do remember Bread! Now I'm humming to myself about finding her diary under the tree, and reading about "me." What hair they had! So 70's.
    I hope never to have to hear about or from the former guy again. No, I'd like to hear he got what's coming to him.

  5. You have so heard of Ariana Grande! You've posted about Ariana Grande! She's been the subject of Saturday 9 at least twice.

    There is no bottom with Donald Trump. Colin Powell is just another veteran he's disrespected. Yet his supporters will insist he "loves the troops." To borrow from Paul Simon, they hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest.


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