Thursday, October 07, 2021

Thursday Thirteen #725

1. I'm a great aunt again! I don't have pictures to share because I don't do that unless I have permission, but my nephew's wife had a new baby boy, 7 lbs, 8 ozs. I don't know how long he was. He had a full head of dark brown hair.

2. My husband gets along well with children. My great-niece loves our cows and him by extension. She sees him more than I do because they live near the barn, and he's down at the barn a lot. I seldom go to the barn because I'm allergic to hay.

3. When the neighbor calls to talk to my husband about hunting or whatever, his daughter, who is about 7, gets on the phone and chats with my hubby, too. They talk about what she learned at school. It is cute to hear them.

4. My great niece wasn't overly thrilled with her new baby brother. She told her mom to put the baby back in her tummy. It is a big adjustment for a little toddler to suddenly have a new baby in the house.

5. We had a busy Tuesday. My husband had his physical for his CDL license, we both had our flu shots, we went by the bank to take care of paperwork where the bank is being sold out to somebody, we went to the grocery store, we went to vote, and we went by the post office. Nothing like piling all of the little must-dos into a single day.

6. I am listening to a book called How to Change, by Katy Milkman. I have procrastination issues and I am hoping to find a tip that might move me along. So far I have learned that I am already doing many of the things she suggests - multi-tasking, for example, and trying to use the start of the week or a birthday or January 1 as the clean slate for a new beginning. Maybe there will be more suggestions near the end. I do recommend the book.

7. Mostly, change requires making better choices. Do I eat this potato chip or not? Do I exercise or watch TV? Do I watch TV AND exercise? Do I write this blog post or go do the dishes? 

8. The two things I consistently put off are doing the bookkeeping for our various enterprises, and working on personal writing for myself, aside from this blog. I have started several poems and not finished them. I did finish that song last week and that took a while. But these two items in particular I have much trouble with. I guess I am lazy. I never considered myself a lazy person but maybe I am with regards to these two areas.

9. I do better when I have deadlines or someone else pushing me. Nobody really cares if I write a poem, after all. If I stopped writing on my blog, some folks would miss me, they'd visit two or three times, then write me off as somebody else who has stopped blogging. Maybe they'd think of me in passing occasionally. Whatever happened to that woman who wrote about living on a farm and took deer pictures?

10.  This morning my arm is sore from the flu shot I received on Tuesday, and there's swelling in the area about the size of a silver dollar. I've never had such a delayed reaction to a flu shot before. I don't feel bad or anything. My arm is simply aches.

11.  The baby deer have lost their spots, and now the only way I know they're the little ones is by their size. They're not full grown. The older deer are changing color; their coats are browning and greying as they prepare for the winter ahead. I hear it's going to be a cold one. Mother Nature isn't done with us yet, I guess.

12. We've been having thunderstorms, which is a little abnormal for our area for October. I remember when it snowed one year on October 10. I was in high school still. Thunder clapped and then the snow began pouring. The weather folks called it thunder snow. That is the earliest I remember it ever snowing here. It was rather amazing to see.

13. The leaves are turning, and autumn is here. Soon the trees will be bedecked in their colored finery, and then they will be skeletons against the skyline until Spring. Some won't make it through the winter. It seems every year we lose more and more trees. The beetles killed all the ash trees. Something else killed red oaks. How much more can the deciduous trees take, I wonder, before they are all simply rotten wood?


Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here if you want to read other Thursday Thirteens and/or play along. I've been playing for a while and this is my 725th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday. Or so sayth the Blogger counter, anyway.


  1. Kids are funny when a baby's born! My niece asked her mom (my sister-in-law), when they visited us to see my first newborn, "Has Auntie Lisa had all her babies?" You know... 'cause my belly still looked pregnant!
    Then, my daughter, 2 1/2, told me, after my youngest was born, "Next time, let's have baby girl twins." Not only was I not having any more at all, but I certainly didn't want twins!
    I get my 'flu shot next week. There's such a push my insurance is giving $10 gift cards to patients getting them. I'd do it for free!

  2. I wish I could figure out how not to procrastinate. I'm getting better though. For me it's the starting of things. Once something is started, I can move right along. But getting it started...

    The flu shot made my arm sore, too. Some years it does, some not.

  3. I snickered at #7.

    I got my flu shot a week ago and am fortunate that there were no after wasn't even sore. Now I have to see when Kaiser is going to give us booster shots for Moderna.

  4. I'm headed to the hospital system this morning that I work for, to get my flu shot and sticker for my badge. Fortunately, there is a small community hospital relatively close to me, otherwise I'd have to troop my butt downtown to the "big" hospital, which would be no fun at all. I got my Pfizer booster last week. So, hopefully, it will be an uneventful winter, sickness wise. We still have a mask mandate her for indoors, which is perfectly fine with me.


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