Saturday, October 16, 2021

Saturday 9: Livin' La Vida Loca

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

This song always makes me think of Shrek.

1) Ricky Martin sings that he and the girl dance in the rain. Do you feel like dancing this morning?

A. If I can get the music on, eventually my foot will tap and some body part will sway. But mornings are not really my time of day.

2) The lyrics tell us the girl prefers champagne. When did you last enjoy a glass of the bubbly?

A. I do not drink and cannot remember the last time I had champagne. Maybe in 1989 when my sister-in-law married.
3) When Ricky first heard "Livin' La Vida Loca," he imagined  the subject of the song was a "Bond girl," the glamorous love interest of James Bond in the movies. Since 1962, there have been more than 20 Bond films. Have you seen any/many of them? Do you have a favorite Bond?

A. Not really. I don't know that I've watched a Bond movie in its entirety.
4) Ricky tells interviewers that when he was very young, he'd sing in the family kitchen, pretending a wooden spoon was his microphone. Crazy Sam admits to lip synching into a black Magic Marker. When you gave imaginary concerts, what did you use as a microphone?

A. Whatever's handy. A soda bottle. A comb. Hairbrush. Oh, wait, said when you "gave" imaginary concerts. I still do that. Doesn't everyone?

5) Ricky began working at the tender age of 9, performing in commercials. How old were you when you received your first paycheck?

A. I think I was 15 when I first spent a summer working for my father.

6) Ricky does yoga to stay in shape. Have you ever tried yoga?

A. I watched a tape once. The woman went through the routine so fast and turned herself inside out so quickly that I knew I'd never, ever be able to do that. Does that count?

7) Ricky is of primarily Spanish descent, with a little French mixed in. When you think of French cuisine, what comes to mind?

A. Escargot.
8) Ricky once had his own restaurant, Casa Salsa, in Miami Beach. Have you ever worked in food service?

A. No. Oh no, wait. That's wrong. When I was about 14, I worked over at Camp Fincastle in the kitchen, washing dishes. Camp Fincastle was a church camp. It's since been bought up by a corporation and is some glitzy wedding and meeting venue.
9) Random question: What is your best quality?

A. I will have to ask someone else as I do not know. Alexa just compared me to an AA battery when I asked her. I don't know what that means. My friend says I am very compassionate, very empathetic, and curious.

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  1. I tried escargot while on a cruise and it wasn't too bad. I liked going to church camp with my family when I was growing up. We got to go to the teen cabins once we got into Jr. High. I would agree, I think you do have an empathetic heart!

  2. Bahahaha! Apparently, we are two of a kind. After reading your answer, I had to ask Alexa about me and her answer involved AA batteries.

  3. Alexa cracks me up. I had to just give up on the talking to the computer thing--weirds me out that she might be listening, lol.

  4. Yep, still give them.. lol I never thought to grab a soda bottle, but that would be a great microphone as well!! Have a great Saturday!

  5. I would answer #9 that you are very thoughtful.

  6. The local day camp is now McMansions, the pond that was there is now posted "Private: No Trespassing!" it used to be the local watering hole where we went on a hot summer day and jumped in on a rope swing.

  7. Wow, Alexa can be confusing …

  8. I am the same with Bond movies. I even went to the theater and walked out in the middle of the movie because I didn't enjoy it. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  9. Someone else who thought of escargot!

    As I said in answer to your comment on my entry, yes, I was a baker, but I baked cakes from home, so never worked in food service.

  10. When asked about my best quality, Alexa says, "Sorry, I don't have an answer for that." Hmmm ... does this mean I'm judged as wanting by my AI?

    I believe I may also have performed to imaginary, cheering crowds while holding a Coke bottle.

  11. Your answer to #4 is so GOOD! The answer to #6 was a crack up. LOL
    And, I agree with your friend. You are all those things.


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