Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday 9: Cardigan

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) When she's feeling low, Taylor Swift compares herself to an old cardigan, forgotten under the bed. Do you store anything under your bed? Or do you try to keep that area clear (except for dust bunnies)?

A. We keep the area under the bed clear so it can be cleaned easily. 

2) The lyrics begin with a reference to a new phone. Do you foresee yourself getting a new phone before 2021 ends? Or are you happy with the one you've got?

A. I am very happy with my cellphone, which is an iPhone 5 (the original iPhone SE). It's small and it works for me. The battery is not holding a charge as well as it was, so that will become an issue at some point. I'm hoping I can figure out how to change out the battery and continue on with this phone. There is absolutely no reason I shouldn't be able to do that.
3) She sings that her lover haunts all of her "what if's." Have you recently wondered, "what if?" What were you musing about?

A. I wonder all the time about "what if I'd never had that last abdominal surgery" that left me in chronic pain. (Try having a Charlie horse in your lower belly all the time. Yikes.) I might have died, but then again, we'll never know.

4) Taylor Swift admits that she rewinds after concerts by watching Friends reruns. What do you do to relax?

A. Read or listen to music.

5) Thinking of TV shows, Taylor appeared on a 2009 episode of CSI. That series was about crime-scene investigators who use forensics to solve murders. Do you enjoy crime shows?

A. Not generally.

6) Taylor grew up on an 11-acre tree farm where she learned to ride. Her mother was a horsewoman and hoped riding was a passion they could share. When she was 12, Taylor admitted to her mother that she really wasn't that into it and wished she could spend more time on her music. Her mother was supportive. Tell us about a tough conversation you've had that turned out well.

A. A very long time ago, I told my husband I wanted to finish my bachelor's degree sooner rather than later, and he agreed. We took out a credit line on the house so I could finish up. I was pay-as-you-go, so when I had my diploma I had no student loans, and only owed a few thousand on the credit line. We paid that off quickly and that was that. He was also supportive when I went back for my masters in 2010.

7) She enjoys good, old-fashioned mysteries, especially those by Agatha Christie. Are you currently reading a book?

A. I just finished A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny and my next read is Under the Lake by Stuart Woods.

8) In 2020, the year this song was released, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek died. The search for a new host has caused interest and even controversy. Would you enjoy the job?

A. I think I would if I were younger, although I'm not as smart as Alex Trebek, Mayim Bialik, or Ken Jennings.

9) Random question: Of Superman's three superpowers -- tremendous strength, the ability to fly, and x-ray vision -- which would you choose?

A. Strength. It would be nice to be able to lift things, and I am making the assumption that if one has that ability, one does not have a bad back or torn shoulder or any of the things that go along with overwork and overuse.

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  1. Sure hope you can get a battery for your phone. The whole phone manufacturer "planned obsolescence" thing irritates me. I got my Samsung S9 2 years ago and now they are up to S21. That blows my mind.

  2. I need to tune in to catch Mayim Bialik on Jeopardy. I haven't watched, but you all are convincing me she's doing a pretty good job. I'll have to ask my mom what she thinks. She is a serious fan. If you call her when Jeopardy is on somebody better be dying!

  3. I am totally with you on #9. Part of the reason I wanted strength was because of my bad back. Loved your answers. Have a nice weekend.

  4. I like your answer for #9. It would be handy for moving objects around my classroom, like file cabinets or desks.

  5. I'm so sorry about your pain. That can be so draining!

  6. Add me to the name of people thinking Mayim Bialik is doing a good job. She was one of my favorites from her first "audition." I would be happy with either her or Ken Jennings as host.

    As for #3, Anita, I can't even imagine a constant Charlie horse in your belly. I am so sorry for all of your physical pains.

  7. #3 So many of my friends who had surgery had complications afterward that it makes me think that for me I want to avoid surgery at all cost.

    P.S. I read most of Bujold books and now I am listening to them while I drive.


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