Monday, September 27, 2021


I've been writing a song again.

This one came as an inspiration from a request from a friend and former teacher. She wanted a happy song.

For me, this is about as happy as it gets, I suppose.

The ending is abrupt because I messed up and it was the 7th take and I was tired so I just stopped and said that was enough. I could have posted the end where I messed up and let everyone see me curse, but that's the great thing about editing software. That type of thing can be deleted!

I'm playing an acoustic Yamaha FG-150 and using a Boss RC-3 Loop Station for the drums.

The words are below the song.

So, here's Believe.


My teacher she said write a happy song
I said I’m pretty sure I’ll get that wrong
But I’ll try. . . . . I can try.
She said I don’t want to hear about your fears
No more crying, no more tears, and no sighs.
. . . . No goodbyes.
So there’s an elephant dancing to my beat
And a zebra running down my street and a rainbow –
. . . . Yeah a rainbow
And there’s a violet growing in the summer rain
A beautiful girl with love to gain and I know
. . . . Oh yes I know.
That days go like the seasons.
And a happy song needs a reason
So I’ll go sit on the bleachers
And write a song for my teacher.
Cause I know, yes I know – that she believes in me.
There’s a kitty cat knocking on my back door
A ladybug crawling on the kitchen floor
And she’ll fly – O yes she’ll fly.
My lover tries to tickle me behind my knee
I laugh aloud because I am pleased and I know why
Yes I know why
That a day may be a dreamland
And a happy song will help you understand
That you will do everything you can
And I know, yes I know, that I believe in me.
And a day is like a season
And a happy song needs no reason.
And I know, yes I know, that I believe in me.

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  1. I like this song a lot! Wow, you were that close to the end when you messed up? I don't normally curse, but I think I would have, if I did it all right until the last two lines.


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