Tuesday, August 03, 2021

August 3 Happiness Challenge

A little earlier, as I stood with the camera at the corner of the house trying to catch a different bird I was seeing eating sorghum, a flutter caught my eye.

It was, I think, a Monarch butterfly. It was very high in the sky, catching the shifting breeze and floating along. I was so entranced by its path that I didn't turn the camera to try to capture it; I watched instead as it drifted, fluttering its wings so delicately and yet so powerfully that I wasn't sure that the slight wind that touched my check didn't come from them.

The butterfly floated along and dropped out of my sight, landing, I suppose, or fluttering lower to the ground.

It was beautiful.


  1. What a lovely moment you've captured.

  2. Birds and butterflies! You're enjoying natural, outdoor happy.

  3. I've been seeing these enormous yellow and black butterflies around here too...they are fun and relaxing to watch :)

  4. I saw a Monarch butterfly on my walk this morning.


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