Saturday, September 26, 2020

Saturday 9: Do You Want to Dance

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

This week, we're inspired by The Divine Miss M's plea for a definitive answer. Here are nine random "yes or no" questions. Naturally you're welcome to elaborate, but if you want to zip through with a Y or an N, that's fine, too.
1) Do you check your cellphone first thing in the morning? No.

2) Are there dirty dishes in your sink right now? No.

3) Have you laughed yet today? Yes.

4) Have you written a check in the last week? Yes.

5) If you met someone who shared all your strengths and weaknesses, would you like him/her? I have no idea.

6) Is a bride ever too old to have a big wedding? No.

7) Do you put potato chips in your sandwich to make it crunchy? No. Blech.

8) Have you ever taken a nude photo of someone (not a baby)? Yes.

9) On Monday, will you be playing Bud and Mimi's cool new meme, Monday Madness? (Our last shameless plug, I promise.) I doubt it.

I encourage you to visit other participants in Saturday 9 posts and leave a comment. Because there are no rules, it is your choice. Saturday 9 players hate rules. We love memes, however. 


  1. Potato chips aren't too bad. You should try it once. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. #7 -- It's good if you eat the sandwich rather quickly. Otherwise the chips get soggy. And then blech.

    1. I am not a fast eater, so chips on a sandwich = blech.

  3. Oh, someone who followed instructions mostly...three that are wordy.

  4. I think we are the only ones who said we didn't know if we'd like the person who had all our strengths and weaknesses. There's so much more to friendship than that!

  5. We gotta win you back. I am sorry how I replied to you. I hate drama & I caused it. I was wrong and sorry.

  6. I enjoyed your answers today.
    Have a good Saturday my friend.

  7. I don't often make sandwiches--but I love chips in them. It's kind of a portion control thing for me--otherwise I would eat way too many chips.

  8. My cell phone beeps when I get mail, when a headline is posted, and for other reasons. Since I'm in a chair with the phone by my elbow, I pick it up and check to see what the alert was for.

  9. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  10. I enjoy reading the stories behind yes and no and I also love coming to your blog today

  11. Hey Neighbor! Greetings from Knoxville, TN!! My folks live in southwestern VA. :) Great to read your response. I'm new to this community. It's been fun to check out other folks' response. Have a wonderful afternoon!

    Curious as a Cathy

  12. I was wondering if I would go back, too. Time is part of it. Mondays make me crazy.
    And yes, brides are NEVER to old to have a beautiful wedding. I'd like to have a renewal of vows at the seashore.

  13. I don't think I would like potato chips on a sandwich...but not I'm curious.


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