Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fincastle Marketplace

For the last decade or so, Historic Fincastle, Inc., has put on a home tour and a Fincastle Marketplace (craft show) in early December. This year it was Saturday, before the snow.

Here are pictures of the craft show and some of the crafters who offered up quite a variety of goods for folks to purchase.

Donna Henderson (left) with her baked goods, cookbooks, and other items.
Dorothy Etzler Barnett with her wood-burned ornaments. (She's my cousin.)

Teresa Reed, hiding behind a tree. (She's my friend.)

Some of Teresa's work. Santas painted on pelt boards.

Teresa's big Santa.

Some items for sale.

More cool stuff for sale.

Pottery by Karen Wright, my friend!

Work by Allie Hogan, The Rustic Wagon. Very pretty decorations.

Karen Wright with some of her pottery. I purchased a butter dish.
The amount of talent out there is amazing. When I go to these shows I am always thrilled at the creativity of people around me. So cool.

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  1. such fun --I have to wear sneakers - my legs are going all of a sudden


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