Monday, October 14, 2013

Bear on the Farm

My nephew was bow hunting Saturday evening and found himself treed by a couple of bears.

A big bear came out and then later he saw two cubs. He took this photo of one of the cubs with his cell phone. He gave me permission to put it on my blog.

I was very jealous because I've been wanting to see a bear. I will have to settle for the photo  - for now. (He did not shoot the bears.)


  1. oh how cute! i think everyone has seen them except for you and me lol

  2. Cute cub. I think I would have been scared to see cubs knowing the momma might be thinking to eliminate any threat to her babies. Like that human in a tree!

  3. It is amazing when you see them close in a safe way ! We were up in the mountains coming slowly down a winding road (in our car) and a large momma bear and two cubs were at he edge of road ahead of us . We stopped and watched them cross ... it truly was amazing to just be there and witness it ! The momma bear was quite confident and ambled across the road not seeming to care that we were watching from the car ( and I was happy we were tucked safely inside it). I loved the experience of seeing them !!

  4. That's so cute! Where is he that he can see bears?

  5. Aw, so cute! We don't usually see them in southern Wis, though friends and I did have a hilarious close encounter with one at Bear Country, USA in South Dakota. : D


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