Friday, December 18, 2009

Is That Grandma?

So this morning I joined the legions of folks at Kroger, but I was just there to get a prescription from the pharmacy, not bread and milk. We can get by with what we have in the freezer but I do need my blood pressure meds.

The reason for the impromptu trip was weather. We are expecting a major snow event. The last big 'un, which was in 1993, left us without electricity and stuck in the house for about a week.

The next 24 hours are supposed to bring us a foot or more of snow.

Anyway, I hit the tail-end of a rather long line and was quickly joined by a mother with a small girl. The child was aged 3, or so she promptly informed everyone within hearing distance.

I smiled at her and made a little small talk with the mom, then turned around to face the front of the line. "Mama, is that Grandma?" the little girl said, giving a hesitant tug on my coat as she asked.


I turned around, hoping I wasn't glaring but I might have been. I had never been mistaken for a GRANDMA before. "No, that's not Grandma, but she does wear her hair a lot like that so I can see how you might have made that mistake," the mother, who was maybe 30, said.

Okay, so maybe the soft white in my hair does glisten a lot like tinsel these days, and yes, maybe I am really old enough to actually be somebody's grandmother, had we had children. Maybe I dress rather conservative and neatly. But I have pretty good skin for my age, with only a wrinkle here and there. I get out and do things.

I am not a grandma.

You can't be hip and be a grandma. I am hip, aren't I?

Aren't I?



  1. Don't ask me...I'm busy bemoaning the presence of sagging jowls :-) I'd like to be up there for that storm...I'll bet it's going to be long as you don't have to go out in it!

  2. Hip Hip Hoorah! You Are HIP!! Cuz I say so.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. I'm always trying to convince our kids that I was "cool" once...they just roll their eyes. I say, you're as hip as you feel! : )
    I was at Kroger this morning! This was my routine shopping day, but oh boy, was I ever sorry I was there.

  4. Of COURSE you're hip, Anita!

    Grandmas are getting younger and younger looking all the time, so you needn't worry.

  5. Considering that my one friend is 4months younger than me and is a grandmother already to a 3yr. old, I guess it's possible. Of course, I have a 6 year old myself, so it could go either way!

    I think all kids that young think people over 35 are old. My kids tell me that all the time :)


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